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Amino all-day (EAA)

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EAA amino acids are an abbreviation of Essential Amino Acids. These are organic compounds that we must supply with food because our body cannot produce them on its own. EAA amino acids perform many important functions in our body, such as building and regenerating muscles, supporting the immune, hormonal and nervous systems, as well as improving physical and mental performance.

Which Essential Amino Acids should you choose?

In our store you will find a wide selection of dietary supplements containing EAA amino acids in various forms and proportions. You can choose between powders, capsules, tablets or liquids, and compose your own blend of amino acids according to your needs and preferences. We offer products from renowned manufacturers such as Apollon, Hammer Labz, Haya and many others.

Who should use EAA supplements?

EAA amino acid supplements are especially recommended for physically active people who practice strength, endurance or mixed sports. Supplementation with EAA amino acids helps increase muscle protein synthesis, prevent catabolism, accelerate post-workout regeneration, improve muscle strength and endurance, and support fat burning. Essential amino acids can be used both before, during and after training, depending on the goal and nutritional plan.

How to dose EAA amino acids?

We usually use EAA amino acids in supplementation around training. A dose of 10-15 grams per serving is already appropriate to use their maximum potential.

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