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One of the strongest compounds under the influence of which hormones are formed, naturally occur in the body. A group of one of the most powerful anabolic agents that affect the rapid increase in muscle mass, muscle strength and size. High-quality anabolic supplements allow maximum visibility of the muscles, preventing catabolism and water retention in the body while regulating hormonal balance. Prohormones are compounds that serve as precursors to hormones within the body. These substances are converted into active hormones through a natural enzymatic process.

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Bodyshock.pro offers a wide range of prohormonal supplements from well-known and reputable supplement manufactures . Among the active compounds that mimic the action of hormones you will find: Tren, M1T, Laxogenin, Androstendion, Nandrolone, Dymethazine DMZ, Epiandrosteron, DHEA, Androsteron, Protodrol.

How do prohormones work?

Rapid increase in muscle mass – Prohormones support anabolic processes, which translates into faster and more effective growth of muscle mass. Thanks to this, your muscles become bigger and stronger in less time.

Improved endurance – These supplements increase endurance, which allows for longer and more intense workouts. Reach your goals faster thanks to greater body efficiency.

Reduction of fat tissue – Prohormones support fat burning processes, which helps to achieve a slim and defined figure. Get rid of excess weight and enjoy a fit body.

Faster regeneration – Thanks to prohormones, your body regenerates faster after intense training. Reducing the time needed to recover means more time to be active and achieve your next goals.

The best prohormones available on the market

D-Bol – Known for its effectiveness in building muscle mass, D-Bol is one of the most popular prohormones on the market. It offers quick and noticeable effects.

Trenavar – Perfect for people looking to improve their endurance and strength. Trenavar also supports fat loss, making it a versatile supplement.

Superdrol – A prohormone that ensures both an increase in muscle mass and improved performance. Superdrol is an excellent choice for those who want to make the most of their possibilities.

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