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The "Other protein supplements" category includes a variety of products that provide the body with protein to support regeneration and muscle building processes. In the category you will find supplements based on casein, beef proteins and vegan protein supplements.

Who are other protein supplements recommended for?

The "Other protein supplements" category is dedicated both to physically active people who want to increase their protein intake in their diet, as well as to athletes, bodybuilders and people who care about a healthy lifestyle. In the store you can find products with different flavors and with various additives, such as vitamins, minerals and creatine, which can additionally support muscle regeneration processes and achieve training goals.

Vegan protein supplements

This category includes protein supplements based on plant ingredients, such as peas, soy, rice or hemp. These products are free from ingredients of animal origin, such as whey protein or casein, which makes them suitable for people practicing veganism, vegetarianism and for people with lactose intolerance or cow's milk protein allergy. Vegan protein supplements are rich in nutrients, including amino acids necessary for the body, and are often additionally enriched with vitamins, minerals and other health-supporting ingredients.

Beef protein supplements

This category includes protein supplements based on beef protein isolates and beef protein hydrolysates. These products are a rich source of high-quality animal protein that contains all the essential amino acids, which makes them particularly popular among physically active people, bodybuilders and athletes.

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