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  • Kevin Levrone Gold Amino Rebuild 400g
  • Kevin Levrone Gold Amino Rebuild 400g

Kevin Levrone Gold Amino Rebuild 400g

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Kevin Levrone Gold Amino 400g essential amino acids EAA

Kevin Levrone Gold Amino 400g essential amino acids EAA is a dietary supplement that is designed to provide your muscles with all the necessary nutrients and protective ingredients. Moreover, the supplement supports physical exercise, regeneration and improves muscle strength. Why is it worth using amino acid supplementation?

What are Essential Amino Acids (EAA)?

Amino acids are the basic components of proteins that are essential for a variety of physiological processes, including muscle development, immune system support, and energy production.

Essential amino acids are a specific group of amino acids (EAA) that our body cannot produce on its own. Therefore, we must obtain them through diet or supplementation. These amino acids play a key role in protein synthesis, making them essential for anyone looking to build and maintain muscle mass.

How does Kevin Levrone Gold Amino work?

1. Complete EAA profile
Kevin Levrone Gold Amino boasts a comprehensive combination of essential amino acids. This means that it provides all nine EAAs, including leucine, isoleucine, valine, lysine, threonine, methionine, phenylalanine, tryptophan and histidine. This diverse profile ensures that your body has access to all the necessary ingredients for protein synthesis.

2. Increase in muscle mass
One of the main reasons people take EAA supplements like Kevin Levrone Gold Amino is to stimulate muscle growth. In particular, leucine plays a key role in the activation of mTOR, the protein responsible for muscle protein synthesis. By adding this supplement to your training plan, you can potentially achieve greater gains in muscle mass.

3. Improved recovery
Intense workouts can lead to muscle pain and fatigue. EAA supplementation has been proven to aid post-workout recovery by reducing muscle damage and inflammation. This means you can visit the gym more often and have less free time between workouts.

4. Support for the immune system
Amino acids are not only important for muscle health, but also for the proper functioning of the immune system. A well-functioning immune system is crucial to overall well-being, and Kevin Levrone Gold Amino helps provide the body with essential EAAs to support immune function.

5. Increased energy levels
Methionine, an essential amino acid in this supplement, plays an important role in energy production. By introducing Kevin Levrone Gold Amino 400g into your daily routine, you may experience improved energy levels, helping you stay active and focused throughout the day.

6. Versatility
Whether you are a bodybuilder, an athlete or simply a person who wants to improve your physical condition, Kevin Levrone Gold Amino 400g can be tailored to your needs. You can adjust your dosage to meet your specific goals, making it a versatile addition to any fitness plan.

Kevin Levrone Gold Amino 400g essential amino acids EAA composition:

1 serving, 7.1 g:

Niacin - 3.3 mg - helps produce energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins, which is crucial for maintaining muscle strength and endurance. Niacin also supports the synthesis of creatine, which increases the ability of muscles to regenerate and grow.

Vitamin B6 - 0.67 mg - is another important ingredient of the supplement that limits catabolism and nourishes the muscles. Vitamin B6 participates in the metabolism of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins and muscles. Vitamin B6 helps convert amino acids into glucose, which is a source of energy for muscles. Vitamin B6 also supports the synthesis of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to muscle cells.

Vitamin B12 - 0.67 ug - takes part in the production of red blood cells that transport oxygen to muscle cells. Vitamin B12 also supports the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates, providing energy for the muscles. Vitamin B12 stimulates the synthesis of DNA and RNA, which is necessary for the division and growth of muscle cells.

Complex Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) - 1627 mg

L-leucine - 813 mg - is the most important of the three branched amino acids because it activates the mTOR signaling pathway, which is responsible for initiating the protein building process. L-leucine also supports the production of growth hormone and insulin, which have a beneficial effect on muscle metabolism. L-leucine can also improve blood glucose levels and prevent them from dropping during intense exercise.

L-isoleucine - 407 mg - is the second most important branched amino acid, which is involved in protein synthesis and regulation of blood sugar levels. L-isoleucine also helps maintain nitrogen balance in the body, which is important for maintaining muscle mass. L-isoleucine may also increase endurance and reduce fatigue during training.

L-valine - 407 mg - is the third one a branched chain amino acid that plays an energetic role in muscle cells. L-valine provides a substrate for the Krebs cycle, which is the main source of ATP, a universal energy carrier. L-valine may also support the nervous and immune systems, as well as protect the liver from damage.

Glutamine Complex - 1440 mg

L-glutamine - 1000 mg - is an amino acid that plays a key role in protein synthesis and protection of muscles against catabolism. Catabolism is the process of breakdown of muscle tissue that can occur during intense training, stress or malnutrition. L-glutamine prevents this process by supplying nitrogen to muscle cells and stimulating the synthesis of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant.

L-glutamic acid - 440 mg - is another form of L-glutamine that has additional nutritional properties for muscles. L-glutamic acid is a precursor of creatine, an organic compound that increases the availability of energy for muscle cells. Creatine improves muscle performance and endurance during physical exercise, which allows for longer and harder workouts.

Amino Acids Complex - 1789 mg

Is a supplement that provides the body with the necessary muscle building materials. Amino acids are organic chemical compounds that join together to form chains that form proteins. Proteins perform many functions in the body, including: they build and repair muscle tissue, participate in the transport of substances, regulate metabolic processes and are responsible for immunity. Some amino acids are synthesized by the body, while others must be obtained through food or supplementation. The latter are called exogenous or essential amino acids. The composition includes:

L-serine - 134 mg
L-aspartic acid - 287 mg
Glycine - 49 mg
L-histidine - 55 mg
L-arginine - 75 mg
L-threonine - 187 mg
L-alanine - 138 mg
L-proline - 186 mg
L-tyrosine - 71 mg
L-methionine - 72 mg
Cystine - 92 mg
L-phenylalanine - 80 mg
L-lysine - 261 mg
L-tryptophan - 103 mg

Calcium B-hydroxy-B-methylbutyrate - 1000 mg - including HMB - 833 mg - is a metabolite of the amino acid L-leucine, which is involved in protein synthesis and inhibits the activity of catabolic enzymes. HMB increases muscle mass and strength, improves endurance and regeneration, and protects muscles against damage during intense training. HMB also supports fat burning and lowers cholesterol levels.

L-carnitine - 333 mg - is an organic compound that transports fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they are burned and converted into energy. L-carnitine helps reduce body fat, increases physical performance and improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system. L-carnitine also supports protein synthesis and prevents muscle catabolism.

Kevin Levrone Gold Amino 400g essential amino acids EAA dosage:

1 serving, 7.1 g before and after training.


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