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Genius Nutrition

Number of products: 75

The European manufacturer of supplements began its operations in 2016. Premium class products are the result of combining science, the best production technologies and innovative ingredients. Genius Nutrition formulas are based only on modern methods with the use of highly bioavailable active ingredients that show quick effects. The plant ingredients used in the supplements are not genetically modified and are herbicide-free.

The producer uses organic amino acids obtained in the process of natural fermentation in the production. Genius Nutrition protein supplements are based on high-quality whey obtained by the patented method of natural CFW® filtration. Supplements provide micro and macronutrients needed for the proper functioning of the athlete's body during intense training. The wide range of products allows for a wide selection of nutrients for both advanced and amateur athletes.

The preparations perfectly nourish the muscles, increase anabolism and inhibit the breakdown of muscle tissue, preventing catabolism. The offer includes, among others: fat burners, pre-training boosters, vitamins, whey protein isolates, gainers, creatine, supplements supporting healthy joints.