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Glutamine is one of the amino acids that every training person needs for muscle growth and recovery. Its resources are depleted during training, which means it must be replenished on an ongoing basis. 

Why is it worth using glutamine supplements?

In the glutamine category you will find all dietary supplements providing this extraordinary amino acid. But why is it even worth using l-glutamine?

Resistance at the highest level

  • Strengthening Formula: Glutamine supports your body's immunity, giving you the strength to overcome each day.
  • Protection Against Infections: Thanks to regular l-glutamine supplementation, you protect yourself against infections and diseases, maintaining your health at the highest level.
  • Intestinal support: the amino acid effectively supports the functioning of the digestive system.

Glutamine Accelerates Regeneration

  • Fast Recovery: After an intense workout, glutamine helps your muscles regenerate quickly, preparing you for the next challenge.
  • Overload Prevention: Thanks to glutamine, you minimize the risk of muscle overload, which allows you to train more efficiently and without the risk of injury.
  • Reducing catabolism: glutamine effectively inhibits the breakdown of muscle tissue.

Glutamine Builds Muscle

  • Muscle Building and Maintenance: Glutamine provides the body with the necessary ingredients to build and maintain muscle mass, which allows you to achieve your dream figure.
  • Training Effectiveness: By supporting the muscle building process, training becomes more effective and the effects are visible after a short time.

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