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Biotech USA

Number of products: 60

Biotech USA is a manufacturer of very high quality dietary supplements from the USA, present on the market since 1999. The history of the brand goes back a little further, however, as the father of the brand owner, BioTech, distributed JLM Power Line fitness equipment. Here, the potential of dietary supplements was recognised, and it was worth entering the market with products that would be competitive and meet the expectations of athletes. After 20 years of solid and honest work, the BioTech USA brand has grown from a small, local company into one of the largest manufacturers in Europe. Bálint Lévai, the brand's owner, points out that family cooperation is at the heart of its success.

At BioTech USA, the company's greatest value and also its mission is to help people stay in very good physical condition, as well as to live a healthy, dietary lifestyle. The company aims to:

  • Promote healthy lifestyles and connect active people around the world
  • Promote physical activity
  • Support talented athletes
  • Provide healthy and safe dietary supplements

The product range is extensive with a wide range of protein supplements, pre-workout supplements, endurance boosters, vitamins and sports foods. The distribution network covers more than 70 countries worldwide and the company is one of the largest and fastest growing supplement manufacturers. The most popular products include: Hydro Whey Zero, Casein Zero, 100% Pure Whey, Arthro Guard, BCAA Flash Zero.