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Shock Zone®

Number of products: 1146

Shock Zone is our own category of the strongest and best dietary supplements from around the world. These are specially selected product categories intended for the most demanding customers. Here you will find products that constitute the so-called a “game changer” in sports supplementation, allowing you to jump to a completely new level of training.

What dietary supplements can you find in the Shock Zone?

  • Prohormones
  • Hardcore fat burners
  • Very strong pre-workout supplements
  • PCT - unlock after the cycle
  • Cycle support - cycle covers

Hardcore fat burners in the Shock Zone

This is a unique selection of the most intense products for reducing body fat, created especially for people looking for extreme effects in the weight loss process. In this category you will find preparations dedicated to advanced people who are looking for maximum support in achieving a low level of body fat.

Fat burners in the Shock Zone are formulas focused on active ingredients that stimulate metabolism, increase thermogenesis and reduce appetite, while supporting the maintenance of energy and concentration during training.

The best pre-workout supplements

Hardcore pre-workouts are designed to provide maximum support before training, improve performance, strength and endurance, and increase focus and motivation. These products often contain strong stimulants, such as DMHA and yohimbine, which stimulate the body and increase endurance during exercise. Additionally, they may contain ingredients that improve blood flow and nootropic substances that increase your concentration to the maximum.


SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) are a group of chemical compounds that are used mainly to improve physical performance and increase muscle mass. SARMs are a completely new solution in shaping sports form, they allow us to bring our effort to a higher level, giving excellent results.

Check out our Shock Zone and choose the strongest supplement solutions.