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Domyślna nazwa-10%Domyślna nazwaTrec
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Savage-34%SavageUnderGround Labs
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Alphalean 227g-20%Alphalean 227gViper Xtreme
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Venom Compact-28%Venom CompactBrawn Nutrition
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Bcaa 4:1:1 500g-20%Bcaa 4:1:1 500gActivlab
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Smart Mood-31%Smart MoodBrawn Nutrition
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 We are stressed at school, at work, even during training! (often not economical). They are persistent methods of models and models balanced in photoshop, heads of work constantly tightening the screw that wants to maximize their income, or parents who are asking about a graduate from oxford. The whole decimal appears in health and physical in extreme cases causing depression or anxiety ..
If you follow news from the fitness world, especially what is happening in the US, you know perfectly well that the legendary mesomorph of dmaa is no longer produced. The aps nutrition company has now launched a new version without a dmaa. The prices of the original mesomorph containing our favorite ingredient soared up and now you have to pay from 180 PLN to over 200 PLN for the original version. It is not known from today that people counting on a quick profit produce fakes of legendary supplements and this time it was not long to wait until the wave of non-original mesomorphs flooded Poland.
Many of you already know that dmaa (geranium) is more and more difficult to obtain not only in Europe, but also in the US country where the most companies produce a strong commodity, which you like so much. For those who do not yet know, we have bad information the largest producer Hi-tech pharmaceuticals officially ended the production of dmaa-based products, including: the world-famous APS mesomorph, Hi-tech Lipodrene, Hi-tech Stimerex, Innovative hellfire, Innovative black mamba, Iforca dexaprine and many other products. Hi-tech also supplied many other smaller companies, so access to dmaa is really not great. Dmaa in the US is now being prosecuted by the FDA (drug police), the FDA is trying in every way to cut Hydra's head by stopping Chinese suppliers, guarding ports and delivering air supplies to arrests of supplement manufacturers. Below is a piece of conversation from one of the big producers in the USA with its supplier in China.
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