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  • Core Amino 450g
  • Core Amino 450g

Core Amino 450g

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Core Amino 450g BCAA I EAA amino acids

Core Amino 450 g is a complex blend of amino acids with a strong anabolic effect. Core Amino 450 g is a dietary supplement that provides all essential amino acids. In the product you will find a mixture of EAA and BCAA amino acids with a strong anabolic and anti-catabolic effect. The supplement is supplemented with electrolytes and Himalayan salt. It perfectly protects muscles from breakdown. Supports regenerative processes. Allows you to build more muscle mass.

Core Amino is:

  • High BCAA content,
  • Strong anabolic effect,
  • Fast recovery after training,
  • Muscle protection.

What are EAA and BCAA amino acids?

EAA and BCAA are among the essential amino acids that must necessarily be supplied to the body. Amino acid supplementation has many benefits such as: increased muscle protein synthesis and faster recovery time after training. There is some debate as to whether EAAs should be used in place of other forms of protein during the post-workout period, as they may have stronger anabolic properties that cannot be duplicated with other nutrients. In addition, EAAs do not require digestion, so they enter the blood in an instant.

Amino acids are also essential for human health and have many functions in the body. BCAA amino acids, in particular, are important for athletes, as they are critical for maintaining muscle mass and performance. They are primarily responsible for the functioning of your muscles. BCAA amino acids are also important for people who are trying to lose weight. BCAAs will effectively suppress hunger, as well as protect your muscles from catabolism.

EAA amino acids are essential for building proteins. Branched-chain amino acids BCAAs are the most important type of amino acid because they help the body use protein more efficiently. BCAAs will suggest to the body which amino acids will be used for what purpose. The body cannot create branched-chain amino acids, so they must be obtained from food or supplements.

Athletes should use amino acids before and after training to promote muscle recovery, prevent injury and improve performance. BCAA amino acids are the most effective type of amino acids for athletes because they provide immediate benefits and have no negative side effects. They reach the muscles very quickly and there they show their anabolic effects.

Core Amino 450g BCAA I EAA - Ingredients:

1 serving, 15 g:

In the Core Amino supplement you will find such amino acids as:
BCAA amino acids - branched-chain amino acids with a strong anabolic effect:
L-leucine- 2000 mg
L-isoleucine - 1000 mg
L-valine - 1000 mg

EAA amino acids - responsible for protein building.
L-lysine HCl - 1640 mg
L-threonine - 890 mg
L-phenylalanine - 660 mg
L-methionine - 580 mg
L-histidine - 140 mg
L-tryptophan - 90 mg
L-glutamine - 500 mg

Electrolytes and recovery supplements
Taurine - 1500 mg
Citrulline malate - 1000 mg
Potassium - 300 mg
Magnesium - 60 mg
Himalayan salt - 50 mg
Vitamin B6 - 1.4 mg

Core Amino 450g BCAA I EAA - Dosage:

1 serving, 15 g before and or during training.


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