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Nutrex Research is a producer of dietary supplements from the USA. The company was founded in 2002 at one of the most modern manufacturing facilities in Oviedo, central Florida.

Nutrex Research won the market with high-quality supplements, using advanced technology of liquid capsules, thanks to which the active ingredients are more easily absorbed by the body. Preparations for advanced athletes perfectly improve sports performance, increase endurance, intensify the process of building muscle mass, and reduce body fat. Currently, the American manufacturer's supplements are sold and used worldwide in over 100 countries.

The preparations perfectly nourish the muscles, increase anabolism and inhibit the breakdown of muscle tissue, preventing catabolism. The offer of Nutrex Research includes, among others: fat burners, pre-training boosters, vitamins, whey protein isolates, gainers, creatine, supplements supporting joint health.

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