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Blackstone Labs

Number of products: 35

Blackstone Labs is a premium supplement manufacturer from the US. The brand was founded by Aaron Singerman in 2012. As the owner himself says, the company is the holy grail among supplements, due to the compositions of the individual products, which are difficult to find in other companies. First and foremost, the graphic style of the brand is really impressive, but more important is how the supplements are made and what they contain in the ingredients.

When creating the supplements, the manufacturer pays a lot of attention to the ingredients used and the entire production process. The products are not only eye-catching in their graphic design, but also in their effects. The brand cares about high transparency, has a strong presence on social media and ensures that customers have a full insight into what the brand offers.

The products are not only dedicated to recreational trainers, but you will also find hardcore supplements for bodybuilders to take them to the next level like SUPERSTRO-7, META-QUAD EXTREME or BRUTAL 4CE. Black Stone offers only the best products you need to reach your upper body goals.

The wide range of supplements: fat burners, anabolics, pre-workouts and sportswear is highly regarded by both men and women. Sales hits at BodyShock.PRO include: Hype Extreme, Apex Male, Abnormal, Brutal 4ce.