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Gainer 50:50 Whey (Bulk)

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50 - 50 BULK gainers are the perfect solution for anyone who dreams of quick and effective increases in muscle mass. Thanks to the balance of proteins and carbohydrates (50% protein and 50% carbohydrates), the supplement provides a high amount of proteins that will accelerate your results.

What are the effects of using bulk conditioner?

A source of quickly digestible energy
Carbohydrates provide quickly digestible energy that fuels your muscles during intense training sessions. We can also use this effect after training to quickly replenish glycogen and start muscle regeneration.

Weight gain
High-quality proteins contained in our 50:50 gainers support the synthesis of muscle proteins, which leads to faster regeneration and growth of muscle tissue. Your muscles will grow like weeds!

Regeneration support
The amino acids contained in our products accelerate the regeneration process, minimizing the risk of injury and overtraining. Thanks to this, you can train more often and intensively, achieving your goals in record time.

What does bulk conditioner consist of?

  • Whey and casein proteins: The best sources of protein that provide the full spectrum of amino acids necessary for building muscle.
  • Complex and simple carbohydrates: The perfect combination to provide a constant supply of energy both during and after training.
  • Vitamins and minerals: Support the overall condition of the body, improving the functioning of the immune system and metabolism.
  • Functional additives: Some gainers additionally contain creatine, BCAA and EAA amino acids, and protein peptides.

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Don't wait - your perfect figure is at your fingertips. Protein gainers 50/50 are an irreplaceable partner on the way to your dream shape. Reach your goals faster by increasing muscle mass and improving strength in training.