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Vitargo is an innovative product created for athletes who need a reliable source of energy. Vitargo is a carbohydrate supplement that is ideal for both amateurs and professionals who want to improve their performance and increase endurance. Particularly recommended for people practicing running, swimming and triathlon. Vitargo is also suitable for MMA combat sports and high-intensity activities such as CrossFit

How does Vitargo work?

  • Quick replenishment of glycogen: Vitargo is characterized by a unique molecular structure that allows for the rapid replenishment of glycogen stores in the muscles. Thanks to this, your muscles are ready for action right after training.
  • No bloating or heaviness: Unlike other carbohydrate sources, Vitargo does not cause bloating or heaviness, making it an ideal choice before competitions or intense training.
  • Increased performance: Regular use of Vitargo allows you to maintain high energy levels for a longer time, which translates into better sports results.
  • Fast regeneration: Thanks to Vitargo, your body regenerates faster after exercise, which allows for more frequent and intense training.

How to dose Vitargo

  • Before training: Consuming Vitargo before training provides a constant supply of energy, which helps increase the intensity and length of the training session. We recommend 50 grams before exercise.
  • During training: Vitargo consumed during exercise provides easily available carbohydrates that maintain blood glucose levels, preventing fatigue. During training, we can use 50-70 grams dissolved in water.
  • After training: After training, Vitargo quickly rebuilds glycogen stores, which is crucial for effective muscle regeneration and preparation for subsequent challenges. We recommend 50 grams after activity.

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Vitargo is a reliable source of energy for every athlete. Thanks to the rapid replenishment of glycogen, no bloating or feeling of heaviness, and optimal performance, Vitargo becomes an indispensable element of your daily training routine.

Take advantage of a wide range of flavors and experience the difference made by Vitargo's advanced carbohydrates.