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Chemix Lifestyle

Number of products: 12

Chemix Lifestyle is a supplement brand which, with its original approach to product names and the colours of the packaging they come in, strongly attracts the eye of the potential customer. What's more, the owner himself is a very colourful brand character (literally and figuratively), which effectively builds a fan base that is eager to reach for their products. However, colourful packaging is not everything. Behind the brand is Guerrilla Chemist, a company that is known for its use of supplement innovations. The components used in the company's individual products are reflected in scientific studies, where their high effectiveness is confirmed.

Chemix Lifestyle, as the name suggests, is not just about supplements. The brand makes sure that their company is a lifestyle, expressing what they stand for, thereby providing high quality products. The brand is geared towards supporting people training at every level of the supplement adventure, from beginners to advanced athletes. There is something for everyone. The company's supplements contain proven ingredients such as DMHA, alpha yohimbine, gymnema sylvestre, DMAE, lion's mane and many other proven active substances with a strong effect.

The company's best-known products include no booster King of Pumps, pre-workout pre-workout, insulin mimicker GDA and sleep aid product Sleep.