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  • FA Napalm LEAA9
  • FA Napalm LEAA9

FA Napalm LEAA9

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FA Napalm LEAA9 essential amino acids EAA

FA Napalm LEAA9 provides high-quality EAA amino acids of plant origin, which are obtained through fermentation. The supplement is enriched with a high dose of L-Leucine, which increases its anabolic effect even further. FA Napalm LEAA9 is new to the supplementation market offered by Fitness Authority, and these are naturally derived exogenous EAA amino acids. The fermentation process results in free-form amino acids that do not require digestion and are absorbed perfectly. EAA perfectly supports the growth of lean muscle mass, supplementing our diet with all the essential amino acids we need to provide to our body. EAA ensures anabolism, maintaining protein metabolism at a high level, which effectively supports regeneration and muscle growth.

FA Napalm LEAA9 contains:

  • Natural EAA amino acids,
  • Increased leucine content,
  • Anabolic Effects,
  • Supports the growth of muscle mass,
  • Protects muscles from breakdown,
  • Improves regeneration,
  • Nourishes muscle cells,
  • Requires no digestion.

FA Napalm LEAA9 essential amino acids - Ingredients:

1 serving, 8 g:

L-leucine - 2400 mg - belongs to the EAA group of essential amino acids for our body. This means that you need to supply it with food or supplements. Leucine is responsible for several anabolic processes; it initiates the mTOR pathway of protein synthesis, which is responsible for muscle mass gaining. It allows you to achieve the so-called leucine threshold, which is necessary for muscle mass growth.

L-isoleucine - 600 mg - is an amino acid that guards against muscle soreness. Isoleucine belongs to the BCAA group of amino acids, and it is responsible for the action of the supplement, which effectively reduces the sensations associated with the so-called "soreness". Isoleucine is an energy carrier when there is an energy crisis in your body and a rapid glucose boost is needed.

L-Valine - 600 mg - is an essential amino acid, which maintains the activity of energy processes, but is also responsible for protein synthesis. Valine has a strong anti-catabolic effect, protecting muscle mass from damage. Similar to isoleucine, it is also an energy provider.

L-lysine HCl - 1000 mg - of which L-lysine - 545 mg - belongs to the amino acids building proteins, which is especially important during the body's developmental period. Lysine is responsible for bone growth, allowing more calcium to be stored in bones, which translates into their strengthening and allows for faster growth.

L-threonine - 530 mg - is an essential amino acid, which perfectly supports the functioning of the nervous system. Threonine and its appropriate level in the body is a guardian of well-being. Amino acid deficiencies often result in a significant decrease in well-being, worsening the work of the immune system and the digestive system.

L-phenylalanine - 390 mg - is one of the amino acids responsible for neurotransmitter functions. It is a precursor of tyrosine, which will have a significant impact on the work of the nervous system. Phenylalanine is responsible for muscle function, among other things, it regulates the strength of contraction.

L-methionine - 345 mg - as a sulfur amino acid is particularly important for maintaining healthy skin, hair, and nails. In sports supplements, it is used due to its effect on enhancing carnitine synthesis, which in turn translates into enhanced metabolism and the ability to use free fatty acids for energy needs.

L-histidine - 85 mg - primarily histidine has a significant effect on hemoglobin synthesis. It is particularly important for maintaining the normal function of many organs. Deficiencies of histidine include sluggishness, lack of desire for physical activity, and apathy.

L-tryptophan - 50 mg - is important for serotonin production. It will be responsible for our well-being, but it also takes part in protein synthesis. Tryptophan is an excellent way to improve your mood, which allows you to e.g. perform a much more effective workout.

FA Napalm LEAA9 essential amino acids - Recommended Dosage:

1 serving, 8 g during strength training and/or after training.


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