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Fitness Authority

Number of products: 60

Fitness Authority is a high-quality dietary supplements based on proven ingredients for athletes of all disciplines. The company is one of the largest manufacturers and importers of supplements in Europe. The products marketed meet the highest standards in terms of quality. Production is carried out only by reputable food and pharmaceutical companies, so customers can be sure that the final product will meet their expectations 100%. The company is constantly expanding its offer with new supplements meeting the highest requirements of users. Among the entire range of offerings, noteworthy are great quality protein preparations, amino acids carbohydrates and fat burning preparations.

Fitness Authority is the brand that rocked the fit world in Poland. It is responsible for the wide promotion of bodybuilding and fitness sports, and the years of experience that the brand's owners have gathered traveling the world's supplement fairs have allowed them to introduce innovative dietary supplements with effective effects. Numerous collaborations with PRO athletes also from the foreign bodybuilding scene allowed the brand to grow strongly and gain the trust of customers around the world. At present, the company is constantly developing and continues to let you enjoy innovations that are adapted to current market requirements.

At BodyShock.PRO, the most popular is the NAPALM series, where we can find peri-workout supplements, but also delicious Whey Protein and the CORE series for the demanding.