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Hardcore Fat Burners

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Strong stimulants are dedicated for advanced athletes who previously used stimulant based fat burners. Hardcore fat burner supplements of this group contain stimulating ingredients with an effect on the central nervous system. Hardcore fat burners are recommended for people who want loss fat rapidly.

The Strongest Fat Burners - Shock Zone Hardcore Supplements

The strongest stimulant fat burners contain unique ingredients: Yohimbine, DMHA, Ephedra, 11-Hydroxy-Yohimbine, Alfa Yohimbine. Wide range supplements available at Bodyshock.pro have only proven, multi- pathway fat burning effects. Stimulants are extremly effective fat loss, reduce appetite, intensify lipolysis and the process of thermogenesis.

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How do powerful fat burners work?

Strong thermogenesis - one of the key mechanisms on which they are based is thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the process of producing heat in the body, which leads to increased energy expenditure. Yohimbine is an ingredient here that effectively increases body temperature.

Faster metabolism - another important effect of strong fat burners is the acceleration of metabolism. Active ingredients, such as synephrine or ephedrine, affect the nervous system, increasing the metabolic rate.

Increasing energy levels - strong fat burners often contain substances that increase energy levels, such as DMHA, alpha yohimbine, PEA.

Reduced appetite - for example, glucomannan, chromium or white bean extract affect the feeling of satiety, which helps to avoid snacking and maintain the diet at the appropriate caloric level.

Improved mood and concentration - Some fat burners also contain ingredients that improve mood and concentration. An example is L-tyrosine, which supports the production of neurotransmitters responsible for good mood and motivation.

Diuretic effect - ingredients such as dandelion extract or nettle have diuretic properties, which help get rid of excess water from the body. Thanks to this, the silhouette becomes more defined and slim, and the weight loss effects are more visible.

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