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ALR Industries

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ALR Industries is an American manufacturer of sports nutrition supplements, which gained its popularity with the mega-strong fat burner Venom. The company is known for releasing only hardcore products with very strong and unique formulations. Mainly their products are aimed at advanced people who expect more from supplementation than just supplementing their diet. They are headquartered in Gwinnett County, Georgia and have a main laboratory there to ensure that the products released meet certifications such as: EU, cGMP, MHRA, WHO, TGA.

ALR Industries is also a company that supplies active ingredients to many others who benefit from the brand's expertise. As the brand's owners point out, the company invests most of its profit in the development of technology and research into active ingredients. It is also noteworthy that the brand keeps a strong eye on the quality of its formulations. ALR Industries puts each product through around 20 rigorous tests.

All products are backed by science and cutting-edge solutions, providing athletes with the best conditions for improved sports performance. ALRI's formulas are created with a real passion to support the building of muscle mass, accelerate metabolism, suppress appetite and enhance fat loss.

The Cyclosome technology used in the supplements allows for efficient absorption of active compounds, prohormones and testosterone boosters into the body's systemic circulation, avoiding inactivation in the liver.

The most recognized product is the Viper fat burner