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Diuretics are dietary supplements with a diuretic effect, which are designed to remove excess water from the body, prevent swelling and enhance the muscles.

Who do we recommend diuretics to?

Diuretic supplements are an ideal solution for people who want to get rid of excess water and salt in the body, as well as for those who suffer from ailments such as swelling, high blood pressure or urinary system problems, such as bladder inflammation. Diuretics are often used in bodybuilding as an element of body preparation for competitions or photo sessions, to obtain as thin a skin as possible, which translates into a better appearance of the muscles.

What do diuretic supplements contain?

Natural diuretic supplements usually have a blend of extracts such as: Dandelion, Juniper Fruit, Uva Ursi, Birch Leaves, Horsetail Extract, Celery Extract, Nettle Root Extract, Fucoxanthin, Cranberry Extract, Green Tea Extract.

Diuretics effect on the body:

  • Diuretic supplements to maintain fluid balance in the body
  • Perfect for people with edema and high blood pressure
  • They support kidney function and remove unnecessary fluids and toxins from the body
  • Simple and convenient to use, and after a short time you will notice significant improvement

Diuretics a natural way to lose weight

Diuretic supplements are the key to effective and healthy weight loss. They help reduce excess water retained in the body, supporting the fat burning process and shaping your figure. Transform your body and feel confident like never before!

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