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Black Magic Supply

Number of products: 16

Founded in 2018, Black Magic Supply is a US-based supplement brand with a focus on supporting athletes' skills. As the company itself conveys, life is not about getting lucky, but more importantly about developing the right skills to make you unbeatable. This is also the case with Black Magic Supply, which strives to ensure that the company's products meet all the requirements of those who train and do not leave you unsatisfied. Therefore, the people who make up the brand are highly experienced individuals who know the job they are doing.

Unusually, the performance of individual products is particularly supervised by a specialist who is responsible for the individual active compounds, but also the technological process, which is just as important as the components used. A series of tests determines whether a particular supplement will find its way into your hands, or whether it needs to be improved to fully reflect the brand's purpose. Not only does the company care about its ambassadors, but the same care is put into the satisfaction of its customers, who form a joint family with the Black Magic Supply brand.

The company's most popular products are the BZRK High Potency Pre-Workout pre-workout, which has strong stimulating, nootropic and pumping effects. Other well-known products include the powerful fat burner MAGIC ERASER, the nootropic, brain-boosting supplement SUPPLY BRAIN WAVES and the testosterone booster SUPPLY SUPER NATTY.