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Harmony Concept

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Harmony Concept is a US-based supplement company from the state of Los Angeles that specializes in high-quality health-promoting formulations. The brand is mainly known for selling monopreparations, i.e. active substances in the form of individual dietary supplements. Harmony Concept has gained considerable popularity as a company that provides very good quality active ingredients. The supplements are GMO-free, Gluten-free and come from the highest certified sources, which are heavily researched and tested before being released back to the consumer market.

Harmony Concept has become famous for products such as Phenibut, Agmatine and Yohimbine. Users of Harmony's Phenibut supplement point to the product's very strong biological effects. This means that phenibut is characterized by high purity. Similarly, agmatine has a very good effect, which pumps strongly already in the amount of 1000 mg.

Our store is an official distributor of Harmony supplements and you will find here original products of the brand.