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Gold Star

Number of products: 4

Gold Star is a US-based supplement company with one clear goal: to market supplements that will have a large number of followers, which will be linked to the supplements' honest composition and strong performance. While the brand has proprietary blends, guided by its ideas not to be copied, it must be admitted that the performance of the products is exemplary.

While the supplements that are a recognizable mark of the company are strong pre-workouts, you'll also find strong burners, or supplements from the testosterone boosters and PCT group. Using the brand, you are sure to be fully satisfied with the results that Gold Star supplements offer.

The best-selling products in the BodyShock.PRO store are the BLACK ANIS pre-workout (containing DMAA) and TRIPLE-X (based on DMHA). The EPH BOMB fat burner with Ephedra extracts, yohimbine and DMAA is also very well-reviewed.