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Condemned Labz

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Condemned Laboratoriez is an American supplement manufacturer that came to market in 2016 and is dedicated to strength sports enthusiasts who share the owners' joy in the pain of a well-executed workout. The founders of Condemned Laboratoriez are literally nuts about physique, training and the constant pursuit of excellence, which they translate into the value of their products.

The product range is based on years of experience and focuses on the best quality of sports nutrition. Condemned Laboratoriez creates its supplements with the aim of achieving maximum results in the gym, allowing you to train intensely in pursuit of your ideal physique. Here, it's not about churning out another one of the same creatine stacks you'll find plenty of on the supplement market. The mission of the Condemned Laboratoriez brand is to help you reach your maximum potential! That's why the brand's supplements have unique formulations, high active doses and very powerful effects that perfectly develop your physique.

Among the brand's most popular products, BodyShock.PRO customers praise: the insulin mimicker Huma Slin, the DMHA-based pre-workout Convict, the creatine stack Locked Down and the amino acid BCAA Confined 2.0.