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  • Methylzene 100 caps
  • Methylzene 100 caps

Methylzene 100 caps

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Hardrock Methylzene 100 caps fat burner

Hardrock Methylzene 100 caps is a very strong fat burner containing as much as 50 mg of Ephedra!! Hardrock Methylzene 100 caps is a comprehensive fat reducer intended only for advanced athletes. The multidirectional action of the product ensures a strong thermogenic effect, reducing appetite and providing energy for several hours. The use of Methylzene in combination with an appropriate reducing diet and training allows you to lose unnecessary kilograms much faster, achieve a slimmer figure and muscle visibility.

Hardrock Methylzene action:

  • Strong arousal,
  • Strong thermogenesis,
  • Quick effect,
  • Strong lipolytic effect,
  • As much as 50 mg Ephedra!!
  • Limits appetite,
  • It allows you to achieve a strong sculpture.

Hardrock Methylzene effectively increases the rate of fat burning and significantly increases resting metabolism. It improves your well-being on a restrictive weight loss diet, adds energy during training, and improves concentration. An effective combination of unique and proven ingredients ensures effective and quick action in the fight for a slim and muscular figure!

Hardrock Methylzene 100 caps new version composition:

1 serving, 1 capsule:

Caffeine Anhydrous - 300 mg - shows a strong thermogenic effect that allows you to get rid of fat faster. Caffeine is a substance with stimulating properties. It works by reducing the activity of adenosine, which effectively maintains the activity of the nervous system and its readiness to work. It reduces fatigue and enables a stronger focus on action.

Phenylethylamine - 90 mg - or PEA - is a substance that perfectly improves mood and well-being. Its action affects neurotransmitters, mainly dopamine, which is responsible for our fantastic mood. PEA is also excellent at suppressing appetite, allowing us to control our diet more effectively, limiting cravings for sweets and hunger attacks.

Ephedra Viridis - 50 mg - is the head stimulating ingredient of the Methylzene burner, which shows strong stimulating and thermogenic effects. Ephedra Viridis is a source of ephedrine, which exhibits strong cardiovascular and pulmonary effects. It acts on α-adrenergic and β-adrenergic receptors, which activates the sympathetic nervous system and the production of noradrenaline. The substance perfectly influences the rate of metabolism, which maintains high rates of fat tissue reduction.

Guarana Seed Extract - 50 mg - is primarily a source of natural caffeine, which has a longer effect in comparison with anhydrous caffeine. Guarana supplements the effects of the burner provides stimulation for a longer time and helps to avoid the effect of "electricity blackout" after the workout. That is, you feel good and slightly stimulated all the time.

L-Carnitine - 25 mg - is an amino acid that makes our body more willing to use fat tissue reserves. Carnitine also has several health-promoting effects, is an excellent antioxidant, and significantly accelerates the reduction of body fat. Carnitine also helps you perform a more intensive exercise, it slows down the occurrence of lactic acid, which translates into a more effective workout.

Betaine Anhydrous - 25 mg - is a substance that has a wide range of effects on the human body. It is primarily responsible for energy levels, which contributes to more effective training. It is responsible for the endogenous production of creatine, which effectively speeds up regeneration and ATP resynthesis during exercise. Betaine also influences the level of tissue hydration, a better feeling of muscle pump, which in turn translates into better nutrition of muscles.

Theobromine 3,7-dimethylxanthine - 25 mg - is an active substance that can be found in cocoa. The action of theobromine is quite similar to that of caffeine; similarly, it can activate cAMP phosphodiesterase, which affects the release of specific neurotransmitters such as adrenaline. Theobromine also has the interesting property of dilating blood vessels.

N-Isoproplynor Synephrine - 20 mg - a specific form of synephrine that is similar in chemical structure to ephedrine. Synephrine is often used in fat burners as a replacement for ephedrine because it has very similar effects. It is a strong stimulant, supports physical exercise, influences heart parameters, supports oxygen exchange, accelerates fat oxidation, and enhances lipolysis.

Glucuronolactone - 5 mg - a substance influencing glucose metabolism in the body, which allows us to feel a shot of energy. Its action also influences the rate of fatty acids oxidation, which translates into an improvement of the slimming effect, intensifying the use of fats stored in the body.

Alpha Yohimbine - 1 mg - the strongest form of yohimbine, strongly affects exercise parameters, allows you to significantly accelerate the effect of weight loss, especially from the most resistant places in the body. It directly affects the fat, breaks it down and uses it during activity. Yohimbine excellently stimulates, allows you to perform a much more intensive workout, which also translates into greater energy expenditure. Moreover, it suppresses the appetite and limits the craving.

Methylzene fat burner dosage:

Take 1 capsule 20-30 minutes before workout.


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