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Apollon Nutrition BLACK TULIP is an advanced pre-workout with powerful thermogenic properties, which burns fat perfectly!

Apollon Nutrition BLACK TULIP is a thermogenic pre-workout supplement, the face of which is Karalina - the beauty of the Apollon Nutrition team, who is personally responsible for the composition of the supplement. Even though the product is signed by a woman, its potency will satisfy every user of pre-workout supplements, even hardcore men.

Effect of Apollon Nutrition BLACK TULIP:

  • Powerful Thermogenesis,
  • Powerful stimulation,
  • Lipolytic support,
  • Inhibits appetite,
  • Accelerates weight loss,
  • Nootropic effect,
  • Two forms of yohimbine,
  • Longer and more intense workout,
  • Builds strength and muscle endurance.

Apollon Nutrition BLACK TULIP is a supplement ideally suited for weight reduction, but not only. The formula contained in the product has a strong nootropic effect, which can be successfully used during heavy weight training, as well as in sports that require good concentration, such as combat sports. It does not contain any pumping substances, which is an additional asset in typically endurance sports. What's more, it is an excellent form of fat burner in powder form, which will make dosing easier for people who do not like tablets.

1 serving, ½ scoop 8 g:
Beta-alanine - 1600 mg - is the best ingredient for increasing muscle endurance. Its action effectively supports the growth of carnosine, which translates into a delayed effect on lactic acid secretion. Beta-alanine allows muscle tissue to work longer and harder.

Betaine anhydrous - 1250 mg - Trimethylglycine TMG Its action effectively improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system. It contributes to widening blood vessels, which supports muscle work. It has a pro-health role as a substance limiting the activity of homocysteine.

L-Tyrosine - 1000 mg - Tyrosine belongs to the group of amino acids, among other things influences the optimal level of thyroid hormones. Therefore, tyrosine will be responsible for the optimal work of metabolism, which will effectively support the effective rate of fat tissue reaction.

L-Carnityne-L-Tartrate - 1000 mg - LCLT also known as l-carnitine tartrate, is a combination of l-carnitine with an organic acid, tartrate. This form allows for better muscle regeneration, which is linked to a much better transport of oxygen to damaged muscle fibers. What's more, L-Carnitine improves the acquisition of energy from fats and prevents their re-storage in fat tissue.

Acetyl L-Carnitine - 500 mg - Acetylated l-carnitine is a more efficiently absorbed form of carnitine, which allows it to have a stronger biological effect. In addition to its typical l-carnitine action, it also shows support for the nervous system through its nootropic effect.

Phenylethylamine HCL - 250 mg - or PEA, is an excellent ingredient for people who need slight motivation to take action and improve their mood. PEA effectively increases exercise capacity, allows you to work out more intensively, and suppresses your appetite.

Theobromine - 250 mg - has similar properties to caffeine, allows you to inhibit sleepiness and fatigue, and also supports well-being. Theobromine also has vasodilating properties, which allows for better oxygenation of the muscles.

Caffeine anhydrous - 175 mg - is a stimulant that is an excellent base for fat burners. Caffeine inhibits sleepiness, gives you energy, and, what's important, increases thermogenesis which translates into an accelerated rate of fat reduction. There is some indication that caffeine will also help increase insulin sensitivity.

Eria Jarensis (N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine) - 150 mg - n-phenethyl dimethylamine is a stimulant, it allows for greater norepinephrine reuptake as well as stimulates norepinephrine levels itself. It supports well-being and allows you to achieve a positive mood, which translates into training effectiveness.

Paradoxine - 100 mg - is a patented ingredient that comes from a paradox seed with powerful weight loss properties. The plant looks a bit like ginger and the main active ingredient which perfectly accelerates the effect of fat tissue reduction is 6-paradol.

elevATP - 75 mg - is a patented, modern formula of polyphenols that perfectly accelerates the resynthesis of ATP in the body. The molecule is built from natural extracts found in apples and peat. elevATP effectively increases exercise capacity, allowing muscles to work with greater strength and efficiency.

Caffeine Malate - 67.5 mg - Caffeine in this form is an excellent way to sustain the stimulant effect of the Black Tulip supplement. The combination of caffeine and malic acid effectively prolongs the duration of caffeine's effect, allowing for a mild calming of the nervous system and no "off" feeling.

Synephrine HCL 98% - 60 mg is one of the best thermogenic substances on the burners market. Quite often its effects are identified with those of ephedrine. It strongly increases thermogenesis, stimulates, increases the intensity of the workout, and suppresses appetite.

Hordenine HCL - 50 mg - belongs to the group of stimulating substances with properties increasing the capacity of the cardiovascular system. It influences norepinephrine levels, which results in feelings of stimulation and increased energy levels, making you more eager to exercise.

GBB - 25 mg - gamma aminobutyric acid ethyl ester and betaine is a substance whose task is to stimulate the production of l-carnitine in the body. L-carnitine is an excellent transporter of free fatty acids, which in turn increases the ability to use stored fat for energy needs.

AstraGin - 25 mg - is a patented formula, which aims to significantly increase the absorption of active substances in the supplement. It works by increasing insulin sensitivity, which in turn translates into increased absorption of active ingredients contained in Black Tulip.

Noopept - 15 mg - is a substance with strong nootropic and neuroprotective properties. Noopept effectively supports memory and enables better concentration. In sport, people using noopept point to its regulating effect on the nervous system as well as better concentration on activity.

Yohimbine HCL - 1 mg - this is the most well-known form of yohimbine in the form of hydrochloride, i.e. a pure yohimbine alkaloid with a strong stimulating and thermogenic effect. Yohimbine effectively supports the production of specific neurotransmitters that eliminate fatigue, and effectively stimulate and improve mood. Yohimbine allows you to reduce fat from the most resistant areas.

Alpha Yohimbine (90% Rauwolfia Canescens leaves) - 1 mg - alpha yohimbine is one of the best thermogenic substances, which perfectly burns fat. The action of yohimbine consists of a direct influence on adipose tissue receptors, which effectively contributes to a strong slimming effect. What's more, it effectively increases the intensity of exercise, which allows for greater energy expenditure.

Dosage: 1 serving, ½ scoop 30 min before workout. If needed, increase the serving to 1 scoop.



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