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Animal Factory

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An American producer of high-quality dietary supplements intended for advanced athletes. Rich formulas based on ingredients with proven effects bring phenomenal results in the form of a muscular figure and improvement of sports results. Modern formulas rich in sarms and high concentration prohormones are intended for the most avid athletes preparing for sports competitions.

Animal Factory brand supplements are manufactured in certified laboratories using GMP good manufacturing practice, ensuring the highest quality requirements and safety of use. A manufacturer of sports supplements with extreme ingredients and high digestibility. The manufacturer uses the latest solutions in the bodybuilding and fitness industry, and its supplements are definitely targeted at advanced users who need really strong and fast-acting products.

Animal Factory products are known and liked in the bodybuilding industry due to their effective operation and lasting effects. Among the number of supplements, professional athletes use, among others: Cardarine GW 501516, a strong testosterone booster MK 677, sarm Rad 140, sarm Ligandrol 4033 ensuring high gains in muscle mass.