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Hazard Core

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Hazard CORE a supplement brand characterized by an uncompromising approach to supporting athletes. Their products are heavily loaded with stimulants, which means you'll feel a huge difference in the effects of Hazard CORE compared to products from other brands. Do you like it when during a workout your body starts raring to do the weights on its own? Then you've come to the right place!

Hazard CORE allows you to enter a whole new level of training. The brand is focused on a strong stimulating effect, which allows us to maintain a high level of activity. The manufacturers themselves believe that training is an extreme activity for our body, and extreme activities require special solutions. This is where Hazard Core brand products like Ashes DMAA and Acid Melt DMAA come in.

In the company's offer at the moment we can find an extreme fat burner Acid Melt based on DMAA, alpha yohimbine, yohimbine hcl, sulbutiamine and many other substances that have nootropic, thermogenic, thyroid stimulating and metabolism function improving effects. As well as the Ashes pre-workout, which, like the fat burner, contains a high dose of geranium, DMAH, AMP Citrate, Octopamine and two formulas for maximum muscle pump and energy reserve.