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Formutech Nutrition

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Formutech Nutrition is a US-based supplement company that has an advanced QC Lab-certified laboratory for manufacturing dietary supplements. The brand regularly tests its products against stringent FDA requirements, ensuring that their products are free of contaminants and can be used by professional athletes subject to doping controls. Provided, of course, that one of the ingredients the company describes in detail on its packaging is not banned in a sport. There is no room for hidden substances, and the brand is committed to high transparency in its compositions.

Formutech Nutrition dedicates its supplements to advanced consumers who care about high-quality supplementation, transparent and reliable composition and significant potency. There is no room here for compromises, fillers or poor-quality raw materials. The brand is able to examine the components it receives from suppliers itself and stands by the quality of its supplements.

BodyShock.PRO's most popular supplements are the Lean EFX fat burner and the Level II thermogenic powder.