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  • Genius Imuno X5 240g
  • Genius Imuno X5 240g

Genius Imuno X5 240g

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Genius Imuno X5 240g strengthens immunity

Genius Imuno X5 240 g is an advanced supplement that supports immunity and well-being. It has a strong antiviral effect, increases the capabilities of the immune system, and protects you from disease. Genius Imuno X5 240 g is an advanced product that aims to protect your body against pathogens. The complex mixture of active substances increases the capabilities of the immune system, which starts working harder to maintain your health. Genius Imuno X5 significantly increases immunity against infections and effectively shortens the time needed to recover. Genius Imuno X5 allows you to roll out a large caliber cannon in the fight against infections, effectively fighting the time of a cold, which will allow you to get back on your feet quickly.

Effect of Genius Imuno X5:

  • Supports immunity,
  • Increases white blood cell activity,
  • Protects against infections,
  • Shortens the time of a cold,
  • Maintains balance in your body,
  • Helps tissues regenerate faster,
  • Supports the production of glutathione,
  • Eliminates free radicals.

Who would recommend Genius Imuno X5?

Genius Imuno X5 is recommended especially for active people who are prone to lower immunity and infections. The supplement intensifies regeneration processes and activates physiological processes responsible for health and immunity. The supplement is perfect for the autumn and winter periods when our immunity is put to several tests, but not only. We need to know that in the period around training, especially after a hard workout, our body is weakened. The focus is on inflammation and muscle fiber regeneration, and the immunity is weakened. This is because glutamine reserves are depleted and need to be replenished. Genius Imuno X5 is designed to support a high level of immune system activity so that the body is less susceptible to pathogen attacks.

Genius Imuno X5 240g ingredients:

1 serving, 8 g:

Imuno-X5 - 8 g - including:

L-glutamine - 3000 mg - high-quality fermented glutamine with a high degree of bioavailability. The supplement is designed to supplement glutamine levels in the body, which effectively protects the body against infections. Physical exertion and stress deplete our body's glutamine reserves, putting us at risk of infection. Glutamine supplementation perfectly supports the high activity of the immune system so that we are not susceptible to colds and various infections.

Oat extract - 2000 mg - including beta-glucan - 400 mg - Oat extract is rich in a very important ingredient, which is beta-glucan. It is usually described as a weight loss enhancer since it belongs to soluble fibers. However, it has much more interesting properties, namely, it activates immune cells, such as macrophages and T lymphocytes. This is a very strong effect on improving the work of the immune system, which contributes to its more effective work.

Green tea extract - 400 mg - including polyphenols - 240 mg - green tea has many health-promoting properties, including the reduction of free radicals. The polyphenols it contains have a strong antioxidant effect, which protects our body cells from damage. As a result, the body is better protected against infections and the possibility of disease.

Quercetin - 300 mg - including quercetin dihydrate - 285 mg - is a powerful antioxidant from the flavonoid group. Its action is focused on eliminating free radical activity. Its main properties include reduction of inflammation and accelerated regeneration. Studies show that quercetin can bind with viral proteins and inhibit their spread throughout the body.

Acai berry extract - 250 mg - Acai berries are a rich source of ferulic acid and epicatechin, which means they have a strong antioxidant effect, which perfectly deals with free radicals. They are also an abundant source of many vitamins and minerals that supplement the body's requirements. They protect cells from the spread of infections, thus perfectly protecting you from getting sick.

Bromelain - 165 mg - bromelain is a phytonutrient present in pineapples. It has a proteolytic activity which allows it to support protein digestion. It has anti-inflammatory properties, effectively supports regeneration, and accelerates recovery.

Vitamin D3 - 2000 IU - is a key vitamin responsible for the body's immunity. Vitamin D3 not only has an immunomodulating effect but also perfectly supports the body during infections. Vitamin D3 can effectively inhibit the development of the disease and shorten the time of treatment. Vitamin D3 affects the proper work of lymphocytes responsible for recognizing pathogens. Without its appropriate amount, our body is not able to effectively defend itself.

Vitamin C - 1000 mg - its main role is to seal blood vessels against the spread of infection. Vitamin C is also responsible for, among other things, collagen synthesis, which perfectly supports tissue reconstruction and maintenance of skin integrity.

Zinc - 20 mg - the effect of zinc on the immune system is extremely important because it is responsible for, among other things, the maturation of T lymphocytes, which effectively increases the efficiency of the immune system.

Selenium - 41.25 mcg - selenium's immune-supporting properties are mainly due to its antioxidant effect. It effectively eliminates free radicals and reduces inflammation. It shortens the time of infections and effectively prevents all kinds of lung infections.

Genius Imuno X5 240g dosage:

1 serving, 8 grams daily after a meal.


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