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  • FA Hangover Shot 12x120ml Box
  • FA Hangover Shot 12x120ml Box

FA Hangover Shot 12x120ml Box

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FA Hangover Shot  12x120ml Box dietary supplement for hangover

FA Po Balanga 12x120ml Box dietary supplement for hangovers is a solution that will make it easier to return to reality after a big party. We all know it well - having fun with friends, one drink leads to another, and the next day you wake up with a throbbing headache, nausea and no will to live. FA Po Balanga comes to the rescue, whose task is to counteract the effects of drinking too much alcohol.

What is FA Hangover Shot?

FA Po Balanga is a dietary supplement available in a convenient 12x120ml package. It has been specially developed to relieve hangover symptoms. But what makes it stand out from other hangover remedies?

One of the key factors that make FA Po Balanga effective is its unique blend of ingredients. Unlike some over-the-counter hangover remedies, this supplement doesn't rely solely on painkillers. Instead, it combines natural ingredients that work together to provide relief.

How it works?

FA Po Balanga helps to hydrate the body, replenish essential vitamins and minerals and supports the process of removing alcohol toxins from the liver. This multi-faceted mode of action distinguishes it from simple painkillers that only relieve symptoms.

The 12x120ml packaging makes FA Po Balanga extremely convenient. Each bottle is easy to carry, providing quick support whenever you need it. Plus, its compact size makes it discreet, so you can take it with you to social gatherings without any hassle.

Why Choose Hangover Shot over Other Means?

When it comes to relieving hangover symptoms, there are many options on the market. However, FA Po Balanga stands out for several reasons.

Natural and Safe
Unlike some hangover remedies that may contain harsh chemicals, FA Po Balanga uses natural ingredients. This not only makes it safer for the body, but also reduces the risk of side effects.

Faster Recovery
Thanks to its unique formula, FA Po Balanga helps you recover faster from a hangover. Say goodbye to spending the whole day in bed - thanks to this supplement you can get back to your daily routine faster.

Positive Customer Opinions
Let's not just take our word for it - numerous customers have reported positive experiences with FA Po Balanga. Many praised its effectiveness in relieving hangover symptoms and helping them get back into shape.

FA Hangover Shot 12x120ml Box dietary supplement for hangovers ingredients:

Glucose - is a simple sugar that is the basic source of energy for our cells. After drinking alcohol, blood glucose levels drop, causing you to feel tired and weak. Therefore, it is important to provide the body with glucose in the form of a dietary supplement for hangovers, which will quickly increase our glycemia and improve our well-being. Glucose also supports the functioning of the liver, which is responsible for metabolizing alcohol and removing its toxic metabolic products.

Magnesium salts of citric acid - a compound that combines magnesium and citric acid. Magnesium is necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous and muscular systems, and is also involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body. Alcohol disrupts magnesium metabolism, which leads to muscle cramps, hand tremors and heart rhythm disturbances. Citric acid helps maintain the acid-base balance of the body and supports liver detoxification. Magnesium salts of citric acid are easily digestible and quickly compensate for magnesium deficiencies caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) - is a strong antioxidant that protects cells against damage by free radicals. Free radicals are produced by the metabolism of alcohol and can lead to inflammation and tissue damage. Vitamin C also helps rebuild collagen, which is necessary for the proper functioning of skin, hair, nails and joints. In addition, vitamin C supports the immune system and helps fight infections that may be caused by the weakening of the body after drinking alcohol.

Potassium citrate - a compound that provides the body with potassium - an important electrolyte responsible for maintaining fluid and acid-base balance in the body. Alcohol causes dehydration and acidification of the body, which may lead to disturbances in the functioning of the heart, muscles and nerves. Potassium citrate helps to replenish potassium deficiency and restore the proper pH of the body. In addition, potassium citrate has an alkalizing and protective effect on the gastric mucosa, which may reduce irritation and pain caused by alcohol.

Artichoke leaf extract (Cynara scolymus L.) - is rich in phenolic compounds that have antioxidant, liver protective and choleretic properties. Thanks to this, artichoke leaf extract helps improve digestion, reduce flatulence and prevent stones biliary tract. In addition, artichoke leaf extract supports the detoxification of the body, removing toxins and free radicals that arise as a result of alcohol metabolism. Artichoke leaf extract may also relieve hangover symptoms such as headache, nausea, vomiting and weakness.

Choline bitartrate - is an organic chemical compound that is a precursor of acetylcholine - a neurotransmitter responsible for memory, concentration and mood. Choline bitartrate improves cognitive functions, especially after drinking alcohol, which inhibits the synthesis of acetylcholine. Choline bitartrate also protects nerve cells from damage and prevents brain degeneration. Choline bitartrate may also reduce feelings of fatigue, irritability and depression that often accompany a hangover.

Succinic acid - is an organic chemical compound that occurs in some plants and animals. It has detoxifying properties because it supports the metabolism of alcohol and its breakdown products in the liver. This accelerates the removal of toxins from the body and reduces the risk of liver damage. Succinic acid also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, which helps relieve headaches and stomach irritation.

Ginger rhizome extract - a natural remedy that has been used in folk medicine for centuries as a medicine for various ailments. One of them is a hangover, because ginger has the ability to stop the nausea and vomiting that often accompany excessive alcohol consumption. Ginger also has a warming and stimulating effect, which helps restore energy and improve well-being. Additionally, ginger has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which protect cells from free radical damage.

Vitamin B6 - one of the most important nutrients for our body. It takes part in many metabolic processes, including the synthesis of neurotransmitters responsible for mood and cognitive functions. Alcohol lowers the level of vitamin B6 in the body, which can lead to depression, anxiety, sleep and memory disorders. Vitamin B6 supplementation helps to replenish its deficiencies and improve mental condition after drinking alcohol. Vitamin B6 also has a protective effect on the nervous system and supports the regeneration of nerve cells.

How to use FA Hangover Shot?

Using FA Po Balanga is simple. Just take one bottle from the 12x120ml package before drinking alcohol and the other before going to bed. This approach helps prevent hangovers and ensures a smoother awakening.


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