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  • Chemix Pre-Workout 420g
  • Chemix Pre-Workout 420g

Chemix Pre-Workout 420g

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Chemix Lifestyle Chemix 420g no-booster pre-workout

Chemix PreWorkout by Chemix Life is a high-quality pump recommended for athletes that supports daily training sessions for full effective muscles and high endurance. Chemix pre-workout is rich in ingredients that help your body increase nitric oxide (NO), a molecule responsible for increased blood flow to your muscles and the effect of a powerful muscle pump. Betaine helps remove harmful byproducts such as homocystin from the body and is a compound that helps attract and introduce water molecules into muscle cells for hydration and exceptional fullness. The addition of glycerol not only fills the muscles with water, but also results in a powerful muscle pump. Three advanced formulas: S7, Vaso-Drive AP and Endo-Pump.

Chemix Lifestyle Chemix 420g is:

  • Pre-workout,
  • NO-booster,
  • Supports the muscle pump effect,
  • Strong effect,
  • Makes the veins visible

Chemix Lifestyle Chemix 420g pre-workout no-booster composition:

L-Citrulline - participates in the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO) and phosphocreatine as well as oxygen metabolism of glucose, thus increasing the uptake of oxygen, glucose, amino acids and creatine and energy production by muscle cells. It reduces the concentration of lactic acid and ammonia in the muscles, thus allowing the body to recover energy faster by increasing the level of creatine phosphate and re-synthesizing ATP.

Betaine Anhydrous - it helps to increase the body's efficiency and improve the work of the nervous system. An additional advantage associated with the use of betaine is better cell hydration. Like glycine, betaine draws water with it when absorbed into the cell. This results in better hydration of the body and an increase in the feeling of a muscle pump during training. The main intracellular transporter of trimethylglycine in the body is the BGT-1 transporter. In addition, betaine stimulates the production of the vasodilator - nitric oxide. Overall, the ingredient provides better blood supply to the muscles and nourishes them.

Glycerpump - a patented, concentrated form of glycerol that provides super hydration of the muscle cells for intense, long-lasting workouts. Glycerol is a naturally occurring compound in our body. Its main function is to regulate fluid levels in tissues and blood. The benefits we get from the described phenomenon are: improved absorption of compounds taken together with Glycerol, faster delivery of nutrients to cells, a more anabolic environment, more visible use (related to the movement of water from space, between muscle cells, into the blood) and more perceptible " pump effect "during training.

Endo-Pump - is a blend of 3 different natural plant extracts, rich in polyphenols and nitrates to increase blood flow and the diameter of blood vessels. These ingredients increase vasodilation through different mechanisms of action. Perfect for endothelial relaxation, which increases blood flow, oxygen and nutrients. They naturally increase NO production by increasing cGMP, which causes vasodilation. PDE5 inhibitors in the Endo-Pump ™ formula maximize vasodilation and NO production to provide you with a high training pump and increase libido.

Vaso-Drive AP - formula consists of 2 lactotripeptides: Valyl-prolyl-proline and Isoluecyl-prolyl-proline. These molecules act as inhibitors of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE), an enzyme that causes blood vessels to narrow, increase blood pressure, and make the heart work. VasoDrive-AP inhibits the enzyme that causes blood vessels to constrict, the angiotensin converting enzyme. Clinical studies have shown that it normalizes blood pressure. Inhibiting ACE or blocking the angiotensin receptor improves insulin sensitivity, which is essential for optimal blood flow to skeletal muscles and ultimately leads to a giant pump.

Gymnema Sylvestre - is a tropical plant that comes from India. It maintains the proper level of glucose in the blood and suppresses the appetite. In addition, it improves metabolism, prevents diabetes and regenerates cells in the pancreas. It is recommended for use by athletes and people prone to hypoglycaemia. Using it effectively prevents snacking, especially reduces the craving for sweets.

S7 - a mixture of seven plant ingredients increasing the amount of nitric oxide (NO) by 230%. It acts as a vasodilator, thereby increasing blood flow. It helps athletes to provide more oxygen and key nutrients for muscle work during training.

Chemix dosage:

1 scoop 30 minutes before training.


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