• FA Core Plasma 350 g
  • FA Core Plasma 350 g

FA Core Plasma 350 g

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FA Core Plasma 350 g caffeine-free pre-workout with powerful pumping effects.

FA Core Plasma 350 g is a stimulant-free no-booster designed to pump your muscles with blood to the max and give you a clear motivation to carry out maximum intense workouts.

FA Core Plasma is:

  • Powerful muscle pump,
  • Nootropic effect,
  • More than 8 grams of pumpers per serving!
  • Increase in training intensity.
  • Increased endurance,
  • Improved focus and concentration.

FA Core Plasma is designed for people who avoid caffeine. The dietary supplement acts strongly as a no-booster. The pumping effect is provided by the high content of citrulline, arginine and glycerol. What's more, its action effectively raises the work capacity of the nervous system. FA Core Plasma allows much better concentration during training, which in turn translates into intensity of effort. FA Core Plasma pre-workout is also designed to effectively increase endurance capabilities. Its action allows you to work your muscles for a long time and perform much better.


1 serving, 2 scoops (17.5 g):
Citrulline malate - 6,000 mg - including citrulline - 4,000 mg - its action is to intensify the synthesis of arginine in the body which, among other things, causes a significant increase in nitric oxide. Citrulline also has the effect of supporting muscle endurance. Citrulline affects energy metabolism, which allows muscles to work longer. The action of citrulline also involves reducing the work of the enzyme responsible for breaking down arginine. This results in more efficient arginine supplementation. More arginine is utilized by the body.

Beta-alanine - 3200 mg - is a precursor of carnosine, responsible for many functions of our muscles. carnosine has the effect of a powerful antioxidant. Moreover, carnosine will be responsible for prolonged muscular effort. We can use the effect of beta-alanine perfectly in the pre-workout. The specific pinching and itching that beta-alanine causes also has a motivating effect on those in training.

L-Arginine Alphacetoglutarate (A-AKG) - 1500 mg - including L- arginine - 1050 mg - AAKG is a form of arginine that exhibits a slightly extended half-life. This means that it is able to synthesize nitric oxide for longer. AAKG often supplements citrulline in no-boosters, which significantly increases the effectiveness. Arginine is primarily responsible for the muscle pump effect. It gives us the feeling of full muscles, which effectively increases the effectiveness of training.

Betaine - 1000 mg - has a number of tasks to perform in the body, which contribute to greater muscle efficiency. Betaine will play the role of a no-booster, but also regulate the amount of energy by contributing to the synthesis of creatine inside the body. The action of betaine allows us to perform a much more intense workout, increase strength and anabolism.

Taurine - 1000 mg - has a regulatory effect on the metabolism of energy substances. Taurine affects the utilization of carbohydrates in our body, which contributes to more efficient muscle work. taurine also improves the functioning of the nervous system, as well as perfectly protects muscles from catabolism.

Glycerol monostearate - 1000 mg - is a special version of glycerol, which is in powder form. Its action is focused on obtaining a maximum muscle pump, but it is not a typical no-booster mechanism. Glycerol allows greater concentration of water in muscle cells. This action allows for fuller muscles, which in turn is felt in the form of a significant muscle pump. Glycerol has an anabolic effect, increasing the proportion of glycogen in muscle tissue.

L-tyrosine - 500 mg - belongs to the amino acids that affect the secretion of neurotransmitters. L-tyrosine perfectly raises the capacity of the nervous system, which contributes to the nootropic effect - improves focus and concentration. L-tyrosine will also affect thyroid function, which in turn is associated with more efficient use of energy.

Choline bitartrate - 500 mg - including choline - 205 mg - choline is among the nootropic substances that affect brain function. its action will be responsible for the brain's nutritional processes and oxygenation. Choline perfectly raises our brain capacity, contributes to better focus on the task.

Glucuronolactone - 100 mg - is a substance that is naturally produced in our body. Its effect is primarily energetic. Quite often this ingredient is found, for example, in energy drinks. Glucuronolactone is intended to increase the efficiency of muscle work, allow greater accumulation of glycogen, which we can use for energy processes. Glucuronolactone will raise exercise capacity.

Niacin - 64 mg - as a B vitamin that dissolves in water, niacin has an effect that raises the capabilities of the nervous system. Its action will contribute to a more efficient use of energy, which we can feel during exercise. Niacin also has a number of health properties. It regulates cholesterol levels.

Choline alphoscerate (alpha-GPC) - 25 mg - is an advanced form of choline, which is better utilized by our body. It is able to pass the blood-brain barrier easily. Choline takes care of the proper levels of oxygen and glucose in the brain, it has a great impact on attention, among other things.

Vitamin B6 - 18 mg - is responsible for many energy transformations. It affects the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Vitamin B6 takes care of the proper transmission of nerve impulses between the nervous system and muscles. Its action will be important for the strength of muscle contraction. Moreover, vitamin B6 prevents feelings of fatigue and tiredness.

Dosage: 1 serving, 17.5 g 30 min before training.


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