• FA Napalm Pre-Contest Pumped 350 g
  • FA Napalm Pre-Contest Pumped 350 g

FA Napalm Pre-Contest Pumped 350 g

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FA Napalm Pre-Contest Pumped 350 g is a popular pre-workout from Fitness Authority, which this time has the addition of pumping substances, the purpose of which is only one - fill your muscles with blood to the maximum! Pre-Contest is an excellent no-booster that contributes to a strong increase in the muscle pump. The product is ideal for bodybuilding training, in which we want to maximize muscle growth. The huge muscle pump will allow you to increase the inflow of nutrients, amino acids and oxygen, which will contribute to stimulating muscle hypertrophy. Do you love the feeling of a muscle pump? FA Napalm Pre-Coontest Pumped allows you to achieve its maximum level!

Action of FA Napalm Pre-Contest:

  • Maximum muscle pump,
  • Strong agitation,
  • Better focus and concentration,
  • Nootropic action,
  • Muscle strength support,
  • Strength increase,
  • Accelerated regeneration.

1 serving, 8.65 g:
Citrulline malate - 3000 mg - Citrulline is a precursor to arginine in the human body. It allows for a greater production of arginine, which in turn contributes to a significant increase in the synthesis of nitric oxide. What's more, citrulline has properties supporting muscle endurance, which is very well felt during training. Its action also accelerates post-workout regeneration, reducing, among others, muscle soreness.

Beta-alanine - 1600 mg - is an ingredient that perfectly supports muscle endurance. Beta-alanine in the body stimulates the level of carnosine, which is stored in the muscle tissue. It works mainly by accelerating the transport of hydrogen ions, which allows for faster muscle regeneration between sets. Carnosine is also a powerful antioxidant.

Betaine - 750 mg - its action supports the use of nutrients. It extracts from them, among others vitamin B6, proteins and iron. In the human body, betaine is involved in the synthesis of creatine, naturally increasing its production. There are some indications that it has the ability to increase anabolism and support the production of nitric oxide. Glycerol Monostearate - 750 mg - is an ester of glycerin and stearic acid, known for its strong water-binding properties. Its action in the pre-workout is to increase the amount of water in the muscle cells, which translates into a significant muscle pump feeling. It has a completely different effect than nitric oxide precursors and contributes to the intensification of the so-called sarcoma hypertrophy.

L-tyrosine - 250 mg - an amino acid with a strong nootropic effect. Tyrosine effectively supports the functioning of the nervous system, improves memory, and supports focus and concentration. Its operation also improves energy transformations. It affects, among others on thyroid hormones, which translates into maintaining high metabolic activity. It gives us energy and improves our well-being.

Choline bitartrate - 250 mg - choline directly affects cognition. Its action regulates the level of neurotransmitters, which is effectively indicated by an increase in focus, concentration, fast remembering and associating facts. What's more, choline has health-promoting properties for the liver, supporting its detoxification.

Caffeine - 200 mg - Caffeine occurs naturally in coffee beans and is the most common stimulant. Effectively stimulates, adds energy, reduces fatigue, improves focus and concentration. What's more, caffeine increases exercise capacity and effectively improves muscle endurance.

Small-leaved bacopa leaf extract (50% bacosides) - 60 mg (30 mg) - thanks to the high concentration of bacosides, bacopa effectively supports memory and concentration. It is a very famous additive in Ayurvedic medicine, where it works as a plant that increases the capabilities of the nervous system. In addition, it acts as an adaptogen. Supports physical exertion, supports the fight against stress.

Glucuronolactone - 50 mg - a supplement that aims to support energy metabolism in our body. From a chemical point of view, glucuronolactone belongs to glucose metabolites and has a specific effect in our body, such as detoxification. 

L-theanine - 50 mg - has a toning and relaxing effect, which allows for faster regeneration of the nervous system. However, it does not induce sleep, as many people believe. Theanine allows for better concentration, prevents overburden thoughts, and allows you to focus more on the task at hand.

Ashwagandha extract [root] [1.5% Witanolides] - 50 mg (0.75 mg) - ashwagandha is rich in substances called withanolides, which have a number of adaptogenic properties. Their action effectively reduces the level of stress, supports the activity of the nervous system, and improves emotional control. The action of ashwagandha allows you to perform more intense efforts without the negative effect of fatigue of the nervous system.

Ginkgo biloba leaf extract (24% flavonoid glycosides) - 40 mg (9.6 mg) -The extract has a great effect on cognitive function, supports thought processes, and facilitates remembering. Niacin - 32 mg - Niacin is a vitamin that takes a lot of responsibility for how our brain works. First of all, it is responsible for the synthesis of hormones, neurotransmitters and many enzymes regulating the functions of the nervous system.

Rhodiola rosea root extract (3% rosavins, 1% solidrosides) - 25 mg (0.75 mg; 0.25 mg) - Rhodiola rosea is one of the best adaptogens when it comes to supporting the nervous system and muscles. Its action perfectly supports the psychophysical effort, improves concentration, and allows for more intense mental work.

Choline alfoscerate (alpha-GPC) - 12.5 mg - choline in the form of alfoscerate is much better absorbed by our body, which makes it even more effective. Choline shows a number of nootropic properties, supports memory, improves concentration, which in turn affects the pace of learning. It also has liver detoxifying properties.

Vitamin B6 - 9 mg - regulates all energy changes in the body, is responsible for the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Its action is crucial for optimizing the level of hormones, which translates into better physical condition.

Black Pepper Extract [fruit] [95% Piperine] - 2.5 mg (2.38 mg) - the action of piperine is used in the Napalm Pre-Contest Pump as an element supporting the absorption of active ingredients. Piperine perfectly increases the absorption of all ingredients, which allows the pre-workout to work more effectively.

Cayenne pepper fruit extract (10% capsaicin) - 2.5 mg - capsaicin has properties that support well-being. It has many pro-health benefits, incl. has antibacterial properties, reduces inflammation and has an analgesic effect.

Dosage: 1 serving, 8.65 g 30 minutes before training.

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