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Magnum Nutraceuticals

Number of products: 17

Magnum Nutraceuticals is a company founded in 2005. Today, it is the canadian brand of the year for top quality nutritional supplements with proven performance. A team of enthusiasts has created supplements intended for both advanced athletes and amateurs.

Premium class preparations increase the level of training and support the body in order to achieve phenomenal results.The production plant is based solely on the application of CGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practices) good manufacturing practices, creating highly advanced formulas. As a result, customers have a guarantee that each ingredient is pharmaceutical grade. The type of raw material used in the supplements is the highest-quality pharmaceutical-grade product, characterized by over 99% purity.

The extensive product range of Magnum Nutraceuticals includes, among others: NO Volume Pumping powder nitric oxide booster, Rocket Science pre-training stack, PRE-fo pump, mind booster supporting sleep and relax, preparation increasing testosterone level E-Brake Anti-Aromatase, supplement supporting healthy joints Fixation Joint Care.