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  • Immortal Glutamine Rush 300g
  • Immortal Glutamine Rush 300g

Immortal Glutamine Rush 300g

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Immortal Glutamine Rush 300g faster regeneration of your muscles

Immortal Glutamine Rush 300g is a dietary supplement providing the pure form of the amino acid l-glutamine, which is responsible for the regeneration of your muscles. This is the most important amino acid that you can use to improve your training results.

How does glutamine work?

Glutamine has many benefits for people practicing strength or endurance sports. Here are some of them:

  • Increases protein synthesis and inhibits their breakdown. Glutamine is necessary for building new muscle fibers and preventing catabolism. Thanks to this, it accelerates the growth of muscle mass and strength.
  • Improves hydration of muscle cells. Glutamine binds water in cells and increases their volume. This, in turn, stimulates anabolism and improves the appearance of the muscles.
  • Regulates acid-base metabolism. Glutamine is a buffer for lactic acid, which accumulates in the muscles during exercise and causes fatigue and soreness. Glutamine helps maintain optimal pH levels in the body and improves performance.
  • Supports the immune system. Glutamine is fuel for lymphocytes and macrophages, which are responsible for the body's defense against infections and inflammation. Glutamine prevents the decline in immunity caused by intense training and accelerates the healing of wounds and injuries.
  • Contributes to intestinal health. Glutamine is the main source of energy for intestinal epithelial cells, which constitutes a protective barrier for the body. Glutamine ensures proper intestinal function and prevents digestive disorders.

Immortal Glutamine Rush 300g ingredients:

1 serving, 5 grams:

Glutamine - 5000 mg - is one of the most important amino acids for physically active people who want to build muscles and improve their performance. Glutamine is not only a source of energy for muscle cells, but also participates in protein synthesis, regulation of water and acid-base balance, and supports the immune system and regenerative processes. In this article, we will describe how glutamine works in the body, what its benefits are and how to use it as a dietary supplement. Glutamine is an endogenous amino acid, which means that the body can produce it on its own. However, in situations of physical or mental stress, the demand for glutamine increases and may exceed its production. Then glutamine becomes a conditionally essential amino acid and must be supplied externally. Glutamine is present in many food products, such as meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, nuts and soy. However, to obtain an adequate dose of glutamine, you would need to consume large amounts of these foods, which can be impractical and expensive. That's why many people choose to supplement with glutamine in the form of powder or capsules.

Immortal Glutamine Rush 300g dietary supplement for regeneration dosage:

1 serving, 5 grams, before and after training.


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