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  • Metanabol 60 caps
  • Metanabol 60 caps
  • Metanabol 60 caps

Metanabol 60 caps

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ALRI Industries Metanabol 60 caps testosterone booster

Metanabol is a strong preparation based on prohormones that promotes the effect of testosterone in the body. Based on the unique ProAbsorb-Rx TM substance delivery system. This technology allows the delivery of prohormones and testosterone to the systemic circulation via the lympho-intestinal route, circumventing first-pass inactivation in the liver. It dramatically increases bioavailability through lymphatic absorption, which is the proprietary ALR method used to prepare the Dianabol product.

ALRI Industries Metanabol 60 caps is:

  • Strong anabolic effect,
  • Increase in dry muscle mass,
  • Rapid growth of the saddle,
  • improvement of vascularization,
  • Significant improvement in the appearance of the figure.

ALRI Industries Metanabol 60 caps composition:

Androsterone - is a steroid hormone produced in the liver from testosterone metabolism. It is an androgen that drives the growth and behavior of male traits - including high gain in muscle mass. Positively affects sexual performance and libido. It does not undergo aromatization to estrogen, which prevents side effects.

4-DHEA - is a naturally occurring DHEA isomer. It is easily transformed into 4-androstenediol, increasing anabolic strength more than twice compared to regular DHEA. The compound has a higher conversion rate to testosterone compared to regular DHEA. Due to the fact that it does not exert a thermogenic effect on the body, it provides better caloric value for the combination effect. Higher anabolic power and minimized thermogenic effects improve strength gains, increase lean muscle mass.

1-DHEA - prohormone, transformed with a high conversion factor into 1-testosterone. 1-DHEA converting to 1-androstenediol has a strong effect of building lean muscle mass while leading to their cure. The use of this prohormone with a patented delivery system improves bioavailability, affecting the delivery of more 1-testosterone to the body. The product is ideally suited to increase strength and size of muscle mass. It is not transformed into estrogen, making it ideal for cycles with compounds that have estrogenic activity during the linking phase. 1-DHEA is unmethylated, therefore it can be combined with other prohormones without weighing the liver.

Androstenolone acetate - affects the growth of body weight, composition and the use of nutritional energy by reducing the synthesis of fat, achieving lean muscle mass. Androstenolone, plays an important role in the regulation of body mass and its composition.

N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid - NMDA is an amino acid derivative capable of inducing an anabolic response from the NMDA receptors found in our bodies. While NMDA binds to the NMDA receptor, the hypothalamic-gonadal axis releases a strong combination of testosterone, growth hormone, IGF-1 and IGF-2. N-methyl-D-aspartic acid activates the NMDA receptor and helps in maintaining testosterone levels. It also shows testosterone-like activity, binding to the male hormone receptor sites and creating a similar one. activity. Thanks to this compound affects the increase in muscle mass and increases libido.

Fenugreek - herb has a stimulating clear effect on the increase of free testosterone. Saponin contained in fenugreek work in two ways. The first of these is to increase the release of CRH from the hypothalamus, which stimulates the pituitary gland to produce ACTH, which in turn increases the production of androgens in the adrenal cortex. The second way is to directly connect to the same receptors to which testosterone binds and exert anabolic-androgenic activity. Has a positive effect on the overall level of androgens. Fenugreek stimulates the production of red blood cells, increases the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine, increases nitrogen retention in the body, stimulates protein synthesis, which stimulates myogenesis (development of muscle tissue), growth of cartilage, bone and total connective tissue.

Anacyclus pyrethrum - a plant from the Asteraceae family, also known as the Spanish chamomile, comes from Algeria and is grown in many parts of Europe. For thousands of years, it was considered a symbol of immortality and sexual performance. It is valued mainly for adaptogenic properties and is considered an aphrodisiac. Thanks to the content of alkylamides mimicking the effects of male testosterone, it stimulates its growth and improves sexual function. Effectively increases the anabolic-androgenic potential, and also promotes weight gain. It has a revitalizing and rejuvenating effect on the body.

Masularia Acuminata - herb from the areas of Nigeria. It is considered an aphrodisiac, naturally increases testosterone levels and strengthens sexual performance.


1 tablet 2 times a day during a meal.

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