• Liver & Organ Defender 270 caps
  • Liver & Organ Defender 270 caps

Liver & Organ Defender 270 caps

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5% Nutrition (Rich Piana) Liver & Organ Defender 270 caps 

5% Nutrition (Rich Piana) Liver & Organ Defender provides liver support during cycles with the use of strong anabolics. The supplement perfectly supports liver regeneration and protects against harmful metabolites. It also improves the lipid profile, which additionally translates into support for the cardiovascular system. Liver & Organ Defender has a number of properties that support the immune system. It is an excellent addition to pharmacological PCT, supporting hormonal balance and restoring the proper function of the thalamus-pituitary axis.

5% Nutrition (Rich Piana) Liver & Organ Defender 270 caps is:

  • Protective effect on the liver,
  • Protection against strong agents,
  • improves digestion,
  • It prevents flatulence,
  • It regenerates the liver

Discover the ingredients of PCT from USA Liver & Organ Defender:

NAC - is a modified form of cysteine ​​to which an acetyl group has been attached. Consuming NAC has been shown to increase glutathione levels. Increased glutathione levels have a positive effect on the recovery process after injuries and helps to increase lean body mass. N Acetyl L Cysteine ​​slows down the aging process by increasing the level of glutathione. N Acetyl L Cysteine ​​is especially popular among those who perform intense physical activity with high frequency and endurance athletes due to the fact that it can help to minimize the occurrence of damage to muscle fibers. NAC is also commonly used by those looking to maintain or increase their lean body mass. It has been shown that NAC reduces the level of fatigue during exercise.

Milk Thistle - milk thistle owes its effectiveness to three substances that protect the liver, collectively called silymarin. Milk thistle strengthens the liver by preventing the body from losing excess glutathione, an amino acid-like compound that plays an important role in detoxifying the body. Studies have shown that it can increase glutathione levels by up to 35%. Milk thistle effectively protects the liver against the simultaneous influx of too many harmful substances. This herb is also a powerful antioxidant, stronger than vitamins C and E, so it prevents damage to cells by free radicals.

L-Glutathione - enables the removal of nitrogen compounds and halogenated toxins from the body. It has antioxidant properties, which are manifested in the restoration of -SH thiol groups in proteins, in which they have been oxidized to sulfo groups -SO3H or disulfide bonds -S-S. Due to the reversible reaction of detaching or attaching electrons, glutathione acts in the body as an oxidation-reduction system protecting the -SH groups of proteins against oxidation. It also takes part in the respiration process and is a coenzyme of some redox enzymes. In its reduced form, thanks to the free thiol group, it is used to reduce peroxides (e.g. hydrogen peroxide). It catches reactive electrophilic factors, protecting cells against damage from toxins.

Hawthorn Berry - the plant has long been considered an extremely valuable pharmaceutical raw material and has many applications in the treatment of various diseases. Scientific research confirms its antioxidant, hypocholesterolemic, hypolipidemic and antiatherosclerotic effects. Many studies confirm the positive effect of hawthorn on the cardiovascular system. The experiments provide evidence suggesting its hypoglycemic effect - lowering total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides with a simultaneous increase in HDL cholesterol. It is believed that hawthorn extracts can intensify the metabolism of cholesterol towards bile acids, and thus contribute to the excretion of excess cholesterol from the body. It also seems that hawthorn extracts may show anti-aggregation effects, which may play an important role in preventing the formation of many abnormal changes in blood vessels, which are a risk factor, e.g. stroke or acute coronary syndromes.

ALA - a natural organic compound from the group of carboxylic acids, which plays an important role in the removal of free radicals, and also has the ability to chelate metal ions, which facilitates the process of removing heavy metals from the body. Alpha-lipoic acid actively supports weight loss, which contributes to the loss of excess kilograms, additionally limiting excessive appetite and uncontrolled hunger attacks. Garlic Extract - garlic which is a source of allicin, a natural antibiotic, supports the immune system, supports the fight against parasites and fungi. Garlic has strong properties supporting the work of the heart, brain and the functioning of the respiratory system.

DiMagnesium Malate - helps maintain electrolyte balance, healthy teeth and healthy bones. It contributes to maintaining proper energy metabolism and reducing the feeling of tiredness and weariness. It supports the proper functioning of muscles, the functioning of the nervous system and the maintenance of proper psychological functions. It supports protein synthesis and plays an important role in the process of cell division.

Co-Q10 - is necessary to maintain healthy open veins and help lower LDL cholesterol levels. Coenzyme Q10 will also support the proper functioning of the nervous system. Exhibits antioxidant activity - helps to prevent cell damage caused by free radicals, which may result from intense stress or metabolic processes. It strengthens the functioning of the heart and immune system. In reaction with oxygen, Coenzyme Q10 obtains energy from nutrients at the cellular level (in the form of ATP). So coenzyme Q10 gives you more energy and also helps to increase the body's efficiency.

Cordyceps Sinensis - increases endurance and physical efficiency in swimming and accelerates the process of reducing body fat. It activates AMPK kinase (just like the famous and forbidden AICAR), thus increasing the amount of ATP in the muscles. In addition, the bioactive components of cordyceps (adenosine, cordycepin) stimulate testosterone synthesis in the testes through purinergic receptors, while reducing the concentration of catabolic cortisol and increasing the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate - plays an important role in maintaining the acid-base balance. It ensures the proper functioning of the prostate and reproductive organs. Research has shown that zinc has a significant effect on brain function. It is necessary to maintain the optimal concentration of vitamin A in the blood and its consumption by tissues. The beneficial effect of zinc on organisms, apart from the general improvement of metabolism, accelerates the healing of wounds, especially skin defects, improves mental performance and protects the macula against degenerative changes.

Selenium Glycinate - selenium with the highest bioavailability is one of the most important minerals that affects many aspects of the functioning of the whole organism. One of its most important properties is its high antioxidant potential, which strengthens the immune system in the fight against free radicals. It increases fertility in men and also regulates the amount of hormones produced by the thyroid gland. Additionally, it supports the cardiovascular system and lowers the level of bad cholesterol.

Vitamin D - helps to maintain the proper concentration of calcium in the blood, necessary in the process of muscle contraction, influencing the functioning of the nervous and muscular systems.

Vitamin B6 - is a coenzyme of many enzymatic changes in the body, including transamination and decarboxylation of amino acids. Its participation in the transformation of tryptophan, which produces serotonin and nicotinic acid, is particularly important. It is essential in the process of phosphorylation, influences glycogenesis and glycogenolysis in muscles, and plays an important role in immune and hematopoietic processes. It reduces the secretion of prolactin, which has a negative effect on male libido.

Liver & Organ Defender Dosage:

3 capsules 3 times a day.

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