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Controlled Labs

Number of products: 16

Controlled Labs is a US-based manufacturer of nutritional and dietary supplements for athletes, which has been on the supplement market since 2005. Their extensive range of weight loss, muscle mass gain, hormone optimisation and amino acid supplements is hugely popular with customers. The company has made a name for itself on the market with its unique formulations, where they set new trends in sports supplementation. The Controlled Labs brand has gained great popularity among bodybuilders using, among others: Orange Triad, Purple Wraath, Green Magnitude.

Controlled Labs creates products that are the result of the analysis of numerous scientific studies and are approved by supplement and nutritional experts. No ingredient is there by accident and the whole creates a cohesive product with performance that stands out from the competition. The brand's supplements are GMP-certified, so the company is committed to the quality of its components to ensure that the supplements perform at their best. This also means that you will not find impurities in the formulation that could cause problems at doping controls, for example. The trust in the brand and the guarantee of safe use means that Controlled Labs has numerous customers all over the world.

At BodyShock.PRO, the best-selling products are the amino acid Purple Wraath, the creatine stack Green Magnitude, the nootropic stack Brainwash and the vitamin cult Oragne Triad.