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Concealed Labs

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Concealed Labs is an American manufacturer of dietary supplements for advanced athletes. The company is dedicated to producing really powerful prohormones and sarms with anabolic effects, providing high muscle mass gains. You won't find basic products in the brand's range. Here you get really powerful products that will take your physique to a whole new level. The brand makes sure that the supplements produced, contain high concentrations of active substances, highly concentrated compositions that agree 100% with what is stated on the product label.

Concealed Labs supplements are known for their high quality performance enhancing supplements that are specifically designed to make a significant difference in body recomposition. The company carefully controls all batches released so that there are no issues with their performance. The owners of Cocealed Labs believe that since they produce supplements for professionals, the brand must also be professionally run and the supplements heavily scrutinised for composition and quality.

Some of the products that are praised by our customers include: Mass 800, LGD 60, Halo-m, Rock Solid.