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Welcome to our "Glutamine Powder" category, where you will find the best products to help you achieve higher levels of endurance and strength. Glutamine powder is the key to faster muscle regeneration and better body immunity. Below we describe its main action that can be used in sports.

Why choose glutamine powder?

Faster muscle regeneration
Glutamine is a basic component of muscle protein that helps in faster regeneration of muscle micro-injuries after intense training. Thanks to glutamine in powder, your muscles will be ready for the next workout faster than ever before.

Increased durability
Regular use of glutamine powder can lead to increased body endurance, which will allow you to train longer and harder without excessive fatigue. (See also our workout boosters!)

Support for the immune system
Glutamine plays a key role in supporting the immune system, which is extremely important, especially during periods of intense training, when the body is more exposed to infections.

What glutamine powder does our store offer?

  • Glutamine powder is 100% pure - it is free of additives, which guarantees its effectiveness and quick absorption by the body.
  • Flavored glutamine - for those who prefer a bit of flavor, we offer glutamine powder in a variety of flavors that will make daily consumption more pleasant.

How to use glutamine powder?

Dissolve one serving 10g of glutamine powder in water, juice or your favorite protein drink. Consume before, during or after training or as directed by a nutritionist. Remember that dietary supplements give the best results when used regularly.

Choose the best glutamine powder from our wide range of products and feel the difference in your training!