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  • Swole AF La Madrina 378g
  • Swole AF La Madrina 378g

Swole AF La Madrina 378g

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Swole AF La Madrina 378g pre-workout and fat burner in one

Swole AF La Madrina 378g is a pre-workout and fat burner in one. If you are looking for a supplement that will increase your performance, energy and focus during training, this product is for you. It contains a unique blend of ingredients that support the synthesis of nitric oxide, improve blood flow to the muscles, increase endurance and delay fatigue. Swole AF La Madrina 378g works on several levels to give you maximum training performance and accelerate fat burning. The ingredients contained in the supplement work synergistically, supporting metabolism, thermogenesis and concentration.

Swole AF La Madrina 378g is:

  • Pre-workout,
  • Fat Burner,
  • Increase in the muscle pump,
  • Improvement of endurance,
  • Better focus and concentration,
  • Faster weight loss.

Swole AF La Madrina 378g composition:

1 serving, 6.3 grams:

VITAMIN C - helps in the production of collagen, which is essential for the health of joints, bones and skin. It also supports the immune system and protects cells from oxidative damage.

VITAMIN B3 - participates in many metabolic reactions, such as energy production, fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis. It also improves the blood supply to the skin and mucous membranes.

VITAMIN B12 - necessary for the proper synthesis of DNA, the formation of red blood cells and the functioning of the nervous system. It prevents anemia and reduces the risk of heart disease.

L CITRULLINE - an amino acid that increases the level of nitric oxide in the body, which improves blood flow to muscles and organs. It also increases aerobic capacity, improves regeneration and reduces muscle acidification. It effectively supports physical effort and significantly improves the effect of the muscle pump.

BETA ALANINE - an amino acid that increases the level of carnosine in the muscles, which delays fatigue and increases endurance. It also helps in the removal of lactic acid from the muscles, which reduces pain and stiffness after training.

TAURINE - an amino acid that improves the function of the heart, brain and eyes. It also supports the nervous and immune systems, regulates blood sugar and blood pressure.

L CARNITINE TARTRATE - a form of L-carnitine that facilitates the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they are burned as an energy source. It also helps in reducing body fat, improving muscle performance and regeneration.

L CARNITINE FUMARATE - a form of L-carnitine that interacts with fumaric acid to increase energy production in cells. It also helps protect muscles from damage and inflammation.

CHOLINE BITARTRATE - a source of choline, which is necessary for the synthesis of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for memory, learning and focus. It also supports liver function and fat metabolism.

DMAE BITARTRATE - an acetylcholine precursor that improves cognitive functions such as concentration, memory and mood. It also increases energy levels and reduces stress.

N ACETYL L TYROSINE - a form of L-tyrosine that is better absorbed and used by the body. L-tyrosine is an amino acid that is involved in the production of dopamine, noradrenaline and adrenaline, hormones responsible for motivation, mood and stress response.

CAFFEINE ANHYDROUS - a form of caffeine without water, which has a strong stimulating and thermogenic effect. Caffeine increases alertness, improves mood and reduces fatigue. In addition, caffeine increases fat burning by increasing metabolism and lipolysis.

THEOBROMINE - an alkaloid found in cocoa beans that has a similar effect to caffeine, but milder and longer lasting. Theobromine improves mood, dilates blood vessels, and improves blood flow to the brain and muscles.

INFINERGY (DICaffeine Malate) - a form of caffeine related to malic acid that has better bioavailability and stability than regular caffeine. Infinergy TM provides long-lasting energy without a drop in blood sugar or a "crash" after its use.

CAFFEINE CITRATE - a form of caffeine related to citric acid, which has a faster action and better solubility than regular caffeine. Citrate caffeine works synergistically with other forms of caffeine to provide optimal levels of stimulation.

SYNEPHRINE HCL - an alkaloid found in the peel of bitter orange, which has an effect similar to ephedrine, but safer and legal. Synephrine stimulates beta-3-adrenergic receptors, which increase fat burning, thermogenesis and physical performance.

PARADOXINE® Grains Of Paradise (STD. TO 12.5% 6-Paradol) - seed extract of the plant known as grains of paradise or melegueta pepper, which contains the active ingredient 6-paradol. Paradoxine® stimulates the thermogenesis of brown adipose tissue (BAT), which leads to greater calorie burning and reduction of body fat.

PRO GBBTM (Gamma-Butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester HCI) - a precursor of L-carnitine that increases its level in the body by up to 300%. Pro GBBTM improves the transport of fat into the mitochondria. It is a chemical substance that is a precursor to carnitine, a compound involved in the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria, where they are burned for energy. PRO GBBTM is used as an ingredient in some dietary supplements that are designed to increase carnitine levels in the body, which may have beneficial effects on fat burning, physical performance, heart and brain health.

RAUWOLFIA VOMITORIA ROOT EXTRACT (STD. MIN 90% Alpha Yohimbine) - Rauwolscine is a nervous system stimulant that works mainly by blocking alpha-2-adrenergic receptors, which are responsible for regulating the release of norepinephrine and other neurotransmitters. By blocking these receptors, rauwolscine increases the levels of norepinephrine and other neurotransmitters, which can have various effects on the body, such as: Increased fat burning by stimulating lipolysis (fat breakdown) and thermogenesis (heat production).

Swole AF La Madrina 378g dosage:

1 serving, 6.3 grams, 30 minutes before training. If needed, the dose can be increased to 12.6 grams per serving.


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