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BSN is a brand founded to provide athletes with the most effective formulations for the best sports performance and body shape improvement. Founded in 2001, it has become a leader in the sports nutrition industry, creating innovative products and adding new supplements to its range all the time. The company's fame was undoubtedly brought about by 8-time Mr Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman. Every trainer wanted to be like the great Ron, emulating not only Coleman's style but also his dietary and supplementation efforts. At the time, most people wanted BSN products, which met the expectations of those in training.

The brand itself is recognised by many industry titles receiving a total of around 35 different awards in supplement categories. The sum total of awards has further boosted the brand's popularity and cemented the fitness market's belief that these are quality products and that the company itself is trustworthy. BSN is based only on legal ingredients, without the addition of strong stimulants, and the products are dedicated to a standard audience. The supplements are widely used in strength and bodybuilding sports.

BSN has distinguished itself in the market with products such as NO-XPLODE - a nitric oxide booster with a very strong effect, which delivers an overwhelming muscle pump. On BodyShock.PRO, the most popular supplements are Syntha-6 protein supplement, True Mass gainer, Nitrix 2.0 nitrogen booster and Endo Rush pre-workout.