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  • ProSupps Hyde Pre-workout 292,5g
  • ProSupps Hyde Pre-workout 292,5g

ProSupps Hyde Pre-workout 292,5g

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ProSupps Hyde Pre-workout no-booster pre-workout

ProSupps Hyde Pre-workout 292.5 g is a pre-workout aimed at stimulating you to act. If you are a bit sluggish in training, you are wondering if you can cope with your training plan, this is the product for you. Hyde contains only proven and basic ingredients that complement each other, creating a superb pre-training formula. The supplement was armed with into acetylated L-carnitine (ALC), tyrosine and caffeine. These substances show excellent nootropic properties, increase focus and willingness to act. Forget about the fact that you do not feel like training, just one serving of Hyde Pre-workout is enough and you will feel a surge of energy and the will to act.

How ProSupps Hyde Pre-workout works:

  • Stimulates and increases concentration,
  • Perfectly pumps,
  • It helps in focus, does not cause irritation,
  • Supports blood flow through the muscles,
  • Increases muscle endurance,
  • Increases strength.

Who is Hyde Pre-workout recommended for?

The Hyde pre-workout is recommended for people who expect solid support during their training. The supplement was designed for those people who cannot use hardcore stimulants, and the basic PRE, based on proven ingredients, is enough. Thanks to a properly selected combination of active compounds such as caffeine, alc, tyrosine and B vitamins, the supplement perfectly supports the work of the nervous system. Sleepiness and weariness disappear. The product also contains a large dose of citrulline and beta-alanine, which will ensure a solid muscle pump and increase endurance during training. The supplement is complemented by the addition of creatine, which will ensure better regeneration and help build muscle mass.

Ingredients: 1 serving, 9.75 g:

Vitamins and minerals: vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B12, niacin, zinc. The mixture of vitamins and minerals is designed to ensure the proper function of the nervous system, but also not only. The additives will ensure the optimal course of many energy processes, protect the body against oxidative stress, and improve the work of many enzymes. B vitamins are an indispensable element of the diet of an athlete who cares about efficient muscles, but also a properly functioning brain. Their action ensures the proper transmission of nerve impulses, thought processes, concentration and regeneration of the nervous system. The addition of vitamin C with zinc will primarily take care of our immunity, but also the structural strength of joints, muscles and ligaments.

L-citrulline - 3000 mg - is a precursor of arginine in the human body, it is responsible for its greater production, which translates into the effect of increasing the level of nitric oxide. Citrulline belongs to the group of no-boosters, it perfectly pumps, dilates blood vessels, helps to nourish the muscles more effectively. Its action is also used as an element of work on muscle endurance. The muscle pump is a phenomenon whereby more blood flows to the muscles, giving them the opportunity to receive more nutrients and oxygen, which translates into their growth.

Beta alanine - 2500 mg - its action is based on the synthesis of carnosine in the muscle tissue, which translates into the effect of increasing muscle endurance. Carnosine is a strong antioxidant, which effectively accelerates, among others, the process of de-acidification of working muscles. This effect helps to reduce the time between sets that muscles need for pH adjustment.

Creatine monohydrate - 1250 mg - creatine is one of the most popular ergogenists. These are substances that show extensive support for the body in terms of efficiency, endurance, building strength and muscle mass. Its main action is to replenish creatine phosphate in the muscles, which speeds up the ATP resynthesis process, and shortens the regeneration time between series. Creatine also improves the testosterone to cortisol ratio by limiting the activity of the latter.

N-acetyl-L-carnitine - 500 mg - acetylated L-carnitine, otherwise ALC, is a nootropic substance - affects the functioning of brain cells. ALC tells, inter alia, for the energy level in our body, supports our willingness to be physically active, helps us focus better on the task at hand. ALC also has the effect of accelerating the regeneration of the nervous system, protects nerve cells, and allows for faster muscle regeneration by removing ammonia from the body.

L-Tyrosine - 250 mg - Tyrosine is an excellent supplement that significantly increases the level of concentration and focus. In the human body, tyrosine corresponds to, inter alia, for the synthesis of dopamine, which translates into improved well-being, the feeling of more energy, less stress, and better focus on the task.

Anhydrous caffeine - 250 mg - caffeine belongs to the group of stimulants, its action in the body is to improve the activity of nerve cells. Caffeine reduces the feeling of fatigue and weariness, and gives us the opportunity to train harder and more intensely. Its action also affects energy changes in the body, thanks to which our muscles gain more energy.


1 serving, 9.75 g, 30 minutes before training.

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