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  • Orange Triad 270 caps
  • Orange Triad 270 caps

Orange Triad 270 caps

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Controlled Labs Orange Triad - vitamin complex

Orange Triad - a vitamin complex intended for hard-training athletes, which combines the features of four different quadruple-action agents. Vitamins and minerals, digestive aids, strengthening the immune system and joints.

Controlled Labs Orange Triad - vitamin complex:

  • An excellent composition of highly bioavailable microelements
  • Full spectrum of microelements enriched with antioxidants
  • Protects and regenerates joints
  • Enough for at least 45 days of supplementation
  • Regulates the functioning of the immune and digestive systems

How does Controlled Labs Orange Triad work?

Controlled Labs Orange Triad is a supplement that has a beneficial effect on these spheres of our body, which are particularly vulnerable to problems caused by sports. It supports the immune system, digestive system as well as joints and ligaments.
This one-of-a-kind preparation was created to provide comprehensive protection of the body against the negative effects of very intense workouts. Controlled Labs Orange Triad contains all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the body. Thanks to this, it enables the right pace of chemical reactions and keeps hormones at an appropriate level.
The Orange Triad from Controlled Labs is also a joint supplement. It contains glucosamine sulphate and chondroitin sulphate to protect joints and enable rapid regeneration. The product also contains MSM and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients are involved in the formation of synovial fluid, allowing movement in the joints and protecting joint elements from abrasion. Gives hardness and elasticity to cartilage.
The complex Digestion and Immune Complex included in the preparation is a combination of enzymes that support digestion and substances that improve the body's resistance.

The Orange Triad includes:

Glucosamine sulphate - Glucosamine is a compound belonging to the group of Amino-sugar. In our body it is part of the articular cartilage. Its supplementation leads to stimulation of the Proteoglycans synthesis process which translates into acceleration of joint repair processes. In addition, the sulphate group facilitates the incorporation of Sulfur into the articular cartilage, thereby increasing the therapeutic effect of Glucosamine Sulfate.
Chondroitin sulphate - like Glucosamine - Chondroitin is part of the articular cartilage. It inhibits the cartilage distribution process, regulates its metabolism and development, stimulates reconstruction and repair. Additionally, it increases the hydration of the joints, which leads to the moistening of the cartilage surface and improves their mobility.
MSM - the third of compounds, along with Glucosamine and Chondroitin, plays an important role in the synthesis of Proteoglycans in the articular cartilage and thus positively affecting its structure and functioning.
Hyaluronic Acid - Mucopolysaccharide, which has the ability to bind large amounts of water (creates mucus that improves joint mobility) and combines collagen and elastin fibers.
Echinacea Purpurea (Purple Echinacea) - contains Cannabinomimetics? Isobutylamide Dodek-2e, 4e, 8z, 10z / E-tetraenoic acid, Isobutylamide Dodek-2e, 4-diene acid, Isobutylamide of Undecec-2e, 7z, 9e-triic acid. These compounds interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors located in the brain and the entire body, and cause a very rapid increase in appetite, similar to the one accompanying the intake of THC, but without the side effects of drowsiness, addiction or disorder of psychomotor ability.
Ginger root - supports the digestive process, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, limits the production of stomach acids, has a slightly diuretic effect (allows you to remove excess water from the body).
Quercitin - a compound belonging to the Flavonoid group. It works against atherosclerosis, fights free radicals, inhibits the development of cancer, helps in the treatment of asthma and allergies.
R-ALA - r-isomer of Alpha-Lipoic acid. Increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin, regulates blood sugar, affects glucose uptake and the amount of oxygen delivered, stimulates the production of nitric oxide (dilates blood vessels and thus improves blood circulation), prevents eye diseases (high concentration of ALA can be found in the eye) , shows strong antioxidant activity, positively affects concentration and resistance to stress.

Sachalanum knoteum - a natural antioxidant, helpful in combating free radicals arising, among others, when eating large amounts of food.
Bilberry - works counter-diabetic, antioxidant, improves the functioning of the stomach and the entire digestive system.
Blueberry American - a plant rich in antioxidant, anti-cancer, disinfecting the urinary tract, protecting the heart, regulating blood pressure and stimulating the digestive system.
Pomegranate Proper - in our body it has anti-inflammatory, astringent, anti-diarrheal, anticyclidicide, bactericidal and antispasmodic, that is, it cares for the correct condition and functioning of the digestive system.
Grape Seed Extract - rich in bioactive polyphenols, among which we can find, among others: Resveratrol, a very strong antioxidant, effectively fighting free radicals.
Raspberry - has a regulating and toning effect on the digestive system.
Lycopene - a powerful antioxidant contained in tomatoes.
Lutein - a compound with antioxidant activity positively affecting the functioning of our eyesight (strengthens the protective barrier of the retina).
Knowing the composition of Orange Triad, we can confidently say that this is one of those supplements that should have a permanent place in every supplementation plan.

Controlled Labs Orange Triad 270 caps vitamin complex dosage:

Men 6 tabs a day

Women 3 tabs a day

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