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  • L-LEUCINE 200g
  • L-LEUCINE 200g


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L-LEUCINE 200g BCAA amino acid.

L- LEUCINE - is an amino acid of the BCAA group, a dietary supplement in powder form, which does not contain any additives. 100% PURE product. It provides 5 g of leucine in a daily serving. The product is recommended for daily use. Dedicated to people who train recreationally and competitively in all sports. It is exclusively pure raw material without flavor additives, which is characterized by a peculiar taste and smell.

L- leucine is:

  • belongs to the group of essential amino acids,
  • is one of the three BCAA amino acids,
  • has a function in building muscle mass,
  • this compound regulates anabolic processes in the body and inhibits catabolism,
  • The human body is unable to produce it on its own.

What is leucine?

Leucine is a coded aliphatic amino acid, with a branched side chain, electrically inert. It is found in all proteins, large amounts in albumin and plasma bodies.

It belongs to the group of exogenous amino acids, not produced by the human body. This means that the human body is unable to produce it on its own. Therefore, it is essential that it be supplied with food. Nevertheless, the best solution is to reach for dietary supplements.

Functions of L-leucine

L-leucine has many important functions in the body. Here are some of them:

Building and maintaining muscle mass
L-leucine is a key amino acid for building and maintaining muscle mass. It is essential for muscle protein synthesis and stimulates anabolic mechanisms in the body. It acts as a signal to muscle cells, informing them of the need for growth and regeneration.

Regulation of blood glucose levels
L-leucine can affect the regulation of blood glucose levels by stimulating insulin secretion. Insulin is a hormone that helps transport glucose into cells, where it can be used as an energy source. Stable glucose levels are important for overall health and muscle function.

Protecting muscles during intense exercise
During intense exercise, the body may begin to use amino acids as an energy source, including L-leucine. Supplementation with L-leucine can help protect muscles from degradation and prevent muscle catabolism.

Dosage of leucine:

Dissolve a serving - 5 g (1 scoop) in 200 ml of water or juice. Use once a day. Measure for dosage inside the package.

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