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Bio-Gen Innovations

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One of the best manufacturers of SARM preparations in the highest concentrations on the market. The company's goal is to provide the strongest selective androgen receptor modulatotors in the fitness industry. The company started its activity in 1992 and operates continuously until today. Bodybuilding supplements of the highest standards have quickly gained recognition, among others, on the British, American and now Polish market.

The latest and most effective measures are focused on high gains in muscle mass, loss of unwanted body fat without raising estrogen levels in the body. By purchasing products at the bodyshock.pro store, you have 100% originality guarantee at the best price. The use of the latest ingredients will help you achieve noticeable progress in the gym. Among the wide range of sarmes showing strongly anabolic effects, increasing strength and muscle mass, we can distinguish Rad 140, Osterine MK-2866, Myo-Bolic YK-11, Ibutamorin MK-677, Lingdrol LGD-4033, Cardarine GW-501516.