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Apollon Nutrition TIMECOP

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Apollon Nutrition TIMECOP is a revolutionary combination of two Apollon brand supplements Overtime and Hooligan Bare Knuckle!

Apollon Nutrition TIMECOP combines the powerful nootropic effects of the Overtime supplement, which provides high-quality substances to support the nervous system, focus, and concentration, but also stimulates action, with the Bare Knuckle product, which does not contain stimulants, but is based on the latest pumping and exercise enhancing formulas!

How does Apollon Nutrition TIMECOP work?

  • Maximizes power and strength,
  • Adds motivation,
  • Improves mood and well being,
  • Has nootropic effect,
  • Hard-Hitting Energy
  • Accelerates focus and intensity,
  • Allows you to control the rush of thoughts,
  • Contains unique pumping substances,
  • Increases the effect of muscle pumps,
  • Increases energy levels in muscles,
  • Enhances strength and endurance,
  • No crush effects,
  • Zero fillers.

Apollon Nutrition TIMECOP is yet another response of the Apollon brand to the needs of people in training. The excellent product Hooligan Bare Knuckle, which has gained a large group of fans, has been supplemented with strong nootropic and stimulating substances. The hybrid is a perfect fit for people who love Bare Knuckle for its functional effects but have been somewhat lacking in stimulants. That's how by adding the active ingredients from Overtime, TIMECOP was born. Apollon points out that we are now getting a masterpiece that is comprehensive workout support. The supplement will be perfect for people who love stimulants, use nootropics, and also like to see their muscles get bigger and bigger during a workout.

1 serving, ½ scoop:
A blend of essential vitamins and minerals.
Apollon Nutrition TIMECOP contains added essential minerals like sodium and B vitamins. Supplements are designed to maintain the proper flow of nerve impulses, and control of muscle contractions, which allows for an increase in the efficiency of exercise. The additives also have the function of maintaining metabolic processes at the right level. In the mix you will find: Sodium - 120 mg; Vitamin B3 - 15 mg; Vitamin B6 - 25 mg; Folic Acid - 680 mcg; Vitamin B12 - 125 mcg.

TIMECOP Performance Matrix
L-Citrulline - 4000 mg - Citrulline is an excellent way to significantly increase your muscle pump. Its action perfectly stimulates the increase of arginine in the body, which in turn translates into an increase in nitric oxide synthesis. Citrulline also has a protective effect on arginine by blocking enzymes that break down the amino acid. In sports supplementation, citrulline is also used as an element that improves endurance and muscle performance.

Beta-alanine - 1600 mg - is the most popular ingredient when it comes to muscle endurance. It works by stimulating the synthesis of a very important antioxidant - carnosine. The action of carnosine allows an increase in muscle endurance, which is manifested among others through faster transport of hydrogen ions and delayed occurrence of lactic acid.

Betaine anhydrous - 1600 mg - also known as trimethylglycine TMG. Its action translates effectively into an increase in exercise capacity. It is an effective component blocking homocysteine activity. In the human body, it also supports the production of creatine and contributes to the greater synthesis of nitric oxide.

L-Tyrosine - 1000 mg - An essential amino acid, which is responsible for several metabolic processes. From a functional point of view, tyrosine has properties that support energy levels, enable more effective use of substances consumed in food, and have a nootropic effect. Among other things, tyrosine will support memory and concentration.

Agmatine - 750 mg - the action of agmatine is focused primarily on increasing nitric oxide synthesis and increasing the possibility of obtaining a significant muscle pump. However, its effects are much broader, where it has also been proven to support the nervous system, improve muscle performance, and support the appetite.

Lion's Mane - 500 mg - or coneflower, is an edible mushroom with adaptogenic and nootropic properties. Its action effectively increases well-being and allows for better concentration of attention, faster memory, and focus. Moreover, it has many health-promoting properties and reduces stress and feelings of fatigue.

Phenylethylamine HCL - 375 mg - or PEA, is a substance that is excellent for improving mood. Its action allows you to train much more effectively. Thanks to the fact that it eliminates the feeling of fatigue and inhibits feelings of tiredness during exercise, we are more willing to undertake physical activity and perform better workouts.

L-Alpha GPC - 300 mg - is an advanced form of choline that has been shown to support both exercise and the brain. Thanks to its properties, which allow it to cross the blood-brain barrier, Alpha GPC effectively supports cognitive function, has a nootropic effect, reduces fatigue, and increases concentration. In studies using Alpha GPC, it has also been shown to contribute to increased muscle strength.

VasoDrive-AP (Casein Hydrolysate) - 254 mg - is an ingredient built from protein peptides derived from casein hydrolysate. This is a unique ingredient that has been patented to dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to the muscles during training. The blend consists of two tripeptides such as Valyl-Prolyl-Proline (VPP) and Isoleucyl- Prolyl-Proline (IPP).

Caffeine anhydrous - 200 mg - is a stimulant that eliminates fatigue and sleepiness. Caffeine is one of the most popular stimulants which is excellent at motivating you to take action. Sports supplements usually form the basis for pre-workouts and fat burners. It works by utilizing fat stores for energy.

Eria Jarensis (N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine) - 150 mg - the plant is a rich source of n-phenethyl dimethylamine, which shows stimulating properties. The active ingredient can raise norepinephrine levels, which effectively translates into a stimulant effect. Moreover, the cognitive, nootropic effect also translates into significantly elevated psychomotor abilities. An increase in dopamine, due to n-phenethyl dimethylamine, effectively gives us the will to act and improves our mood.

Rhodiola rosea root - 150 mg - belongs to a group of adaptogenic plants, which support perfectly the nervous system during the period after training. It has an interesting property of supporting the effects of stimulants. Rhodiola rosea, thanks to its active compounds such as salidrosides, ensures that the nervous system doesn't get used to stimulants, which allows for a much better stimulating reaction.

Pink Himalayan Salt - 150 mg - is known for its electrolyte replenishing properties, mainly sodium. Himalayan salt is rich in several trace elements, which are worth using during training as a functional supplement to our metabolism. It helps maintain the appropriate level of hydration of muscle cells and may contribute to better and more sustained muscle pumps.

Caffeine malate - 100 mg - is a combination of caffeine with malic acid, which is much gentler on the stomach and better absorbed. This substance is designed to prolong the action of caffeine, which makes it last longer and supports the body so that it doesn't experience a sudden drop in energy after exercise. Caffeine supports the effect of stimulation, eliminates fatigue, accelerates the oxidation of fatty acids, and even has the effect of increasing muscle performance.

CoffeBerry (arabica coffee fruit) - 50 mg - is a patented blend of arabica coffee fruit, which is a natural source of caffeine as well as other active substances contained in coffee. The ingredient perfectly complements other forms of caffeine for a balanced stimulating effect.

Hordenine HCL - 50 mg - is an active substance that allows you to increase your heart's ejection capacity. In the sports supplementation, this means the ability to increase effort for the entire body. Hordenine also has a stimulating effect, it affects the secretion of norepinephrine, which effectively triggers physiological processes that increase energy levels in the body.

AstraGin - 25 mg - is an additive that increases the possibility of absorbing active ingredients contained in TIMECOP. What's more, AstraGin effectively increases the insulin sensitivity of tissues and prevents energy depletion during a workout, which allows you to maintain constant high exercise intensity.

Noopept - 15 mg - is an advanced nootropic substance that belongs to the racetam group. Its action effectively improves cognitive function, and mental abilities, and contributes to better memory and association of facts. In sports supplementation noopept is used to improve brain-muscle connection, allowing us to increase motor awareness. Better focus on training means better quality of movements, better muscle tone, and muscle feel.

Alpha Yohimbine (90% Rauwolfia Canescens leaves) - 0,75 mg - these days, alpha yohimbine is making waves on the supplement market as an energizing and stimulating supplement, allowing you to perform a more intense workout. Yohimbine stimulates the body, but also mobilizes it to use more energy resources in our body. This means that the stimulated nervous system can engage muscles more strongly in the extreme effort.

Recommended Dosage: 1 serving, ½ scoop 30 min before workout. If needed, increase the serving to 1 scoop.



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