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  • Thrust 120 caps
  • Thrust 120 caps

Thrust 120 caps

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Magnum Nutraceuticals Thrust testosterone booster

Magnum Nutraceuticals presents an unusual testosterone booster formula - THRUST. The supplement is recommended for men who care about increased testosterone production. It is a very good option for men exposed to stress, or reduced testosterone levels due to age. Testosterone in the male body is responsible for many health functions. It's worth using testosterone boosters when you're concerned about maintaining high physical condition. The supplement is also great for improving the quality of sleep which translates into better recovery. This is a brand new formula that perfectly enhances the effects of your testosterone.

Magnum Thrust is:

  • Testosterone booster,
  • Optimizes the endocrine system,
  • Lowers cortisol,
  • Regulates estrogen levels,
  • Supports muscle mass building,
  • Improves the appearance of the physique,
  • Supports recovery,
  • Increases muscle strength.

How does Magnum Thrust work?

Magnum Thrust supplement contains only natural ingredients. It is a fully safe testosterone booster, the effect of which is forceful. The brand is known for its high-quality products that are fully safe. The supplement is mainly intended for men who care about increasing testosterone, as well as optimizing other hormones. The testosterone booster perfectly lowers cortisol levels, as well as maintains optimal estrogen values. It prevents excessive conversion of testosterone to estrogen by acting as an aromatase inhibitor.

Too low a testosterone level in men is not just a bad thing. Lack of adequate testosterone also affects many aspects of health. Low testosterone means much worse cardiovascular, muscular and nervous system function. Moreover, a lack of testosterone significantly reduces libido, mood and energy levels. A man without testosterone feels overtired and is given to higher levels of cortisol, which contributes to a significant deterioration in quality of life. A testosterone booster also helps to achieve a slim figure. Too much estrogen will promote the accumulation of body fat. Thrust testosterone booster will make sure that muscles look better and the amount of body fat is at a low level.

Thrust testosterone booster will also reduce the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Its action will promote physical and mental activity. Do you often feel tired? At workouts you lack motivation? your libido is average and sex does not make you happy? Magnum Thrust is the solution to your problems, which are associated with no testosterone levels.

Thrust Ingredients:

1 serving, 3 capsules:
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCl) - 5 mg - has a supportive effect on the endocrine system. It is known by trainers for its prolactin-lowering properties. In addition, vitamin B6 will be responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous system and better muscle performance during training.

E-Blocking Complex - an estrogen-blocking compound
Oatmeal extract - 220 mg - has a strong effect of blocking the conversion of estrogen into testosterone. Its effect results in more testosterone in the body, which translates into a better feeling and appearance of the figure. Oat extract also regulates lipid levels, lowering the amount of bad LDL cholesterol. It supports an increase in good HDL cholesterol.

Acetylcarnitine (as Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl) - 196 mg - acetylated l-carnitine is known for its broad properties, mainly affecting the nervous system. It has the ability to lower cortisol levels, which will directly affect the amount of testosterone. In addition, it will have a significant effect on mood, which is linked to the stimulation of acetylcholine levels.

Quercetin (as quercetin dihydrate) - 52.53 mg - primarily belongs to substances with a strong antioxidant effect. Its role will be to reduce the production of free radicals.

Naringenin, powdered (fruit) - 30 mg - a flavonoid glycoside that is converted to naringenin in the human body. It has a strong antioxidant effect, which will promote, among other things, the regulation of lipid metabolism. It lowers cholesterol, as well as promoting the increase of good HDL cholesterol. The active ingredient also has a cortisol-lowering effect, as well as exhibiting an inhibitory effect on the aromatase enzyme.

Hesperidin (as hesperidin compound) - 25 mg - is a yellow pigment that occurs in fruits. It has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Hedperidin has the effect of reducing the activity of the aromatase enzyme, which translates into an increase in testosterone levels.

Enhanced T-Boosting Compound - a blend that raises testosterone levels
Mace extract (45% saponins) (fruit) - 225 mg - also known as tribulus terrestris, is a plant rich in steroidal saponins with powerful testosterone-boosting effects. Tribulus as a testosterone booster is used very widely. Moreover, it has a strong libido-enhancing effect.

Organic Maca, powdered (root) - 100 mg - is a plant with high nutritional content. Among other things, its composition contains plant sterols, which have been shown to act as a testosterone booster. Maca also has health-promoting effects. Among other things, it regulates cholesterol and LDL to HDL lipoprostein levels.

Safed Musli Root Extract - 100 mg - is a plant extract that perfectly supports well-being and allows for a much higher increase in testosterone. As a testosterone booster, it works very well in combination with supplements such as maca or tribulus terrestris. In addition, it has a strong effect as an aphrodisiac.

T-Optimization Complex - a blend that optimizes hormones
Ashwagandha KSM-66® root extract (5% vitanolides) - 300 mg - is currently the most popular adaptogen. Ashwagandha affects nervous system function and lowers cortisol levels. Ashwagandha is an excellent supplement that has a significant impact on our well-being. It alleviates stress and allows for a lower emotional response.

Muira Puama root extract - 100 mg - a plant known for its aphrodisiac properties. In studies using Muira Puama-based supplementation, much better libido, but also more effective erections have been reported. What's more, it shows adaptogenic effects, effectively supporting the work of the nervous system.

Common nettle leaf extract - 100 mg - Common nettle is known for its anti-estrogenic properties. Its action effectively inhibits aromatase activity, which allows the body to retain more testosterone. Moreover, it regulates water balance, improving the appearance of the figure.

Dodder seed extract - 50 mg - a plant extract that has a strengthening effect. It effectively promotes hormonal balance by having a regulating effect on the levels of individual hormones. Effectively increases libido, acts as a strong aphrodisiac. It has a health-promoting effect.

Alpha Thrusting Compound - anabolic compound, supporting muscle mass building.
Fenugreek (80% saponins), powdered (seeds) - 250 mg - fenugreek extracts are known for their action as a testosterone booster. Thanks to steroidal saponins, they strongly influence hormonal balance, effectively supporting testosterone production. In addition, fenugreek has anabolic effects. It intensifies the production of androgens.

Ecdysterone (as Beta-ecdysterone) - 100 mg - is a modern plant-based ingredient that contains components responsible for the growth of muscle mass. Beta-ecdysterone has a strong anabolic effect, which we can use to build muscle mass. Moreover, it has a strong exercise-enhancing effect, as well as protects muscles from catabolism.

Eurycoma longifolia root - 50 mg - a plant also known by names such as Tongkat Ali, which is known for its strong libido-enhancing and fertility-enhancing properties. The plant has hormone-optimizing effects, supporting an increase in testosterone levels. In dietary supplements it is used as an additive to anabolic stacks.

Thrust Dosage:

3 capsules before training and 3 capsules before bedtime. On non-training days, 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules before bedtime.



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