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JYM Supplement Science

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JYM Supplement Science is a supplement brand originating from the United States. It was founded in 2013 by Dr. Jim Soppani, a well-known nutrition expert in the United States, who translated his scientific expertise into advanced supplements for athletes. Jim's mission statement is the slogan "Do the Right Thing" and it refers to changing one's lifestyle through the right dietary and training activities with the best nutritional supplements.

Jim makes sure that the supplements produced by JYM are based on high-quality ingredients, are used in accordance with scientific guidelines for their effectiveness, and that their formulations are fully transparent, without the use of cheap fillers. The brand easily presents the full compositions of its products, without using legal tricks in the form of proprietary blends whose composition we can never know. Here, you won't experience meaningless additives, proprietary blends, or concentrated formulas.

The company's best-known products are Alpha and Post BCAA and Recovery Matrix. Above that, the company's offer also includes protein supplements, advanced carbohydrate blends, testosterone boosters burners and pre-workouts.